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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Craigslist Comments:
"Wiggers and Niggers" Thread
(Hmmm... So Much For a "Post-Racial" America In The Obama Era)

Hey Black Family,

I just got this post from my cousin this evening which was originally posted on Craigslist:

Re: Wiggers and Niggers

I have to agree with you. I never use to have ill feelings for black people but I can't stand them anymore. They think we all owe them something and their rudeness and laziness is appalling. I am so sick and tired of hearing how we need to support their sorry asses. They literally walk into you in a store if YOU do not get out of their way. FUCK that shit anymore !! I stand my ground and knock their fuckn asses over. And then try working with the few of them that do have jobs. They are just plain nasty. They seem to be getting worse and worse everyday. There is no end in sight. We are doomed.

( Sigh )
It's true since Obama won the election, I've noticed the arrogance, and out right rudeness of blacks,even worst then before

Peace, Love and Music.

ROD's Comments:

So... here we go again... First, to say one never had ill feelings toward "Black people" and then say "I can't stand "them" anymore doesn't add up for me. Sounds to me like the feelings were always there and this social episode was just an excuse to overtly come out and say how one really felt all along. And this person's stereotypical bias "the few (Black people) that have jobs" just concretely demonstrates the ignorance going on.

I don't wanna waste time trying to deconstruct some asshole's (yeah, I know, not nice of me) views of Black people, but what I will say is that America continues to gloss over the issue of race and we haven't had a really REAL dialog on the matter. What needs to happen is that all television programming and all television/cable channels all need to be pre-empted for an entire week (yes, a whole week) and during that week a national town hall meeting talking about race and the woundedness (Black and white people and other people beyond) in this country. And I would have Dr. Joy DeGruy as one of the people to head up this national town hall meeting; because trust me, she would really ask questions or propose statements to really get at the heart of the matter for America to heal and grow beyond our current state.

The poster doesn't understand or doesn't want to understand that (new) America was built on violence and racism perpetrated by their people (the genocide of Native Americans massacred in this country is on public record); that that violence and racism is governed by white supremacy and white (male) privilege; the (white) poster doesn't have to worry about getting his or her head beat in or shot to death execution style (Oscar Grant and Gus Rugley and many more lack males) by police officers sworn to protect and serve (if anything to protect and serve white interests as a majority dominance and their property);

Gus Rugley, A Black Male Shot and Executed
by the San Francisco Police on November 9th, 2005

that this country, as diverse as it supposedly is, has not one paper currency or coin with the faces of a Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latina/o, Native American, or east Indian person on it; that Black people and white people have fundamental differences in certain approaches or philosophies of values (that clash); by that I mean axiology (I learned that from Dr. DeGruy); that Black people's reactions to things (that the poster may be referring to) are from a woundedness caused by the middle passage to the new world and of slavery from 400+ years ago (post-traumatic slave syndrome). All these things and more contribute to the bullshit we don't wanna talk about and how we react or don't react to one another now in 2009 and beyond! So this is why we continue to walk around in these United States of America separated, smiling (or not smiling) in each other faces, and then folks going online and anonymously spewing and venting all this bullshit instead of having a real conversation about things.

The original poster of the wiggers and niggers thread on Craigslist who said "since Obama won the election, I've noticed the arrogance, and out right rudeness of blacks,even worst then before" might be confusing arrogance with self-esteem or self-worth, or dare I say PRIVILEGE in a country that does its BEST to invalidate the experiences of African people every single day.

And finally, what rational and humane person would say these horrible things about Black people and then end their post with a signature of "Peace, Love and Music."??? I mean, if you're all about peace and love then a more constructive posting without the rhyming words "wiggers and niggers" in the title thread would be in order.

My posting here may not be the most objective, but as an African-American male born and raised in America (New York City), I think I and others Black folks have a right to be angry about a great many things. Not to dismiss some Black folks re-actions, but how in the world could Black people in America not act out in the face of the total disrespect for Black lives on a daily basis??? I mean, what the f**k???