Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved
The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved<br>The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

- Fred Wilson

"Most of my fortitude to continue doing the work comes from the moral outrage I feel about the injustices that Black people endure disproportionately daily."

- N. Abdul-Wakil

"In the end, what matters is not skin shade but pan-African consciousness. Loving your complexion, your nose, lips, hair length and texture, no matter what the politics or trends decide, and simply be. That's the problem with us (African folks). We're still learning how to love ourselves. So used to glorifying others and putting others first..."

- Dredlocks Tree

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Circle of Voices Inc.
Seeks Performing Artists, Vendors,
Organization Exhibits
For SGL Event In Nov 2009 (NYC)

Circle of Voices Inc.


"Issues Through Art"

An Evening of Social Expressionism


Building a New Community Resource

Performance Art Series

Market Place


We are looking for:

Spoken Word Artist




Fine Artist





Artistic Contributors



(Not selling items-Orgs)


LGBTQ Events


NOV 2009

If you have a message to share about LGBTQ Concerns/Issues

We would be delighted to hear from you!

We host community events and we address "Issues Through Art"

Please send your Bio/E-clips, Download your Headshot & Contact info to:


Please include a phone number, and any on line images of pass shows

Youtube, etc.



Please describe the product you sell

(No hot foods)

We will then provide the details and requirements


(not selling items-Orgs)

Please let us know the name of your org

Brochure, flyers, cards, promotion items, Safe sex materials only

We will then provide the details and requirements


Sponsors Needed!!

Inquire now


Early Bird rates!



We are a non-profit Womyn of African Descent
and Womyn of Color organization
that produces multi-cultural events
of an artistic nature as nourishment for the human spirit.
We provide a creative arts environment where Womyn
of all orientations can exchange
information, herstories, knowledge and skills amongst each other
and the community at large through
performances, workshops, music festivals and seminars
that express issues that affect our environment.

Out to Work:
The Largest LGBT Career Fair in the Northeast
Thursday, September 17th, 2009 > 11AM -4PM

Out to Work:
The Largest LGBT Career Fair in the Northeast

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Featuring 3,000 attendees and 60 exhibitors from all industries

Confirmed Exhibitors Include:
Village Care
Johnson & Johnson
McBurney YMCA
This List as of August 18, 2009

Out to Work Attendees

Register now for Out to Work

Find this event on Facebook, and invite your friends.
Sign up to receive email reminders about Out to Work.

See our Community Partners

Out to Work Exhibitors

Learn More about Exhibiting at Out to Work

About Out to Work

This event is co-produced by the
Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.

Bill Moyers Journal:
For-profit Insurers Hijack Our Health Care
System And Put Profits Before Patients

July 31, 2009
With almost 20 years inside the health insurance industry, Wendell Potter saw for-profit insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before patients. Now, he speaks with Bill Moyers about how those companies are standing in the way of health care reform.

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South African Teen Wins 800 Meter
Track & Field Race Amid Gender-test Flap

Hey Black Family,

I just happen to catch a thumbnail view of this sports story and it caught my attention big-time. I need to sit and digest the story, but I wanted to share it, too.

Read on...


South African Teen Wins 800
Amid Gender-test Flap

by RYAN LUCAS, Associated Press Write

BERLIN (AP)—Facing questions about her gender, South African teenager Caster Semenya easily won the 800-meter gold medal Wednesday at the world championships.

Her dominating run came on the same day track and field’s ruling body said she was undergoing a gender test because of concerns she does not meet requirements to compete as a woman.

Semenya took the lead at the halfway mark and opened a commanding lead in the last 400 meters to win by a massive 2.45 seconds in a world-leading 1 minute, 55.45 seconds. Defending champion Janeth Jepkosgei was second and Jennifer Meadows of Britain was third in 1:57.93.

After crossing the line, Semenya dusted her shoulders with her hands. Semenya did not speak to reporters after the race or attend a news conference.

About three weeks ago, the international federation asked South African track and field authorities to conduct the verification test. Semenya had burst onto the scene by posting a world-leading time of 1:56.72 at the African junior championships in Maruitius.

Her dramatic improvement in times, muscular build and deep voice sparked speculation about her gender. Ideally, any dispute surrounding an athlete is dealt with before a major competition. But Semenya’s stunning rise from unknown teenage runner to the favorite in the 800 happened almost overnight. That meant the gender test—which takes several weeks—could not be completed in time.

Before the race, IAAF spokesman Nick Davies stressed this is a “medical issue, not an issue of cheating.” He said the “extremely complex” testing has begun. The process requires a physical medical evaluation and includes reports from a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, internal medicine specialist and gender expert.

South Africa team manager Phiwe Mlangeni-Tsholetsane would not confirm or deny that Semenya was having such a test.

“We entered Caster as a woman and we want to keep it that way,” Mlangeni-Tsholetsane said. “Our conscience is clear in terms of Caster. We have no reservations at all about that.”

Although medals will be awarded for the 800, the race remains under a cloud until the investigation is closed, and Semenya could be stripped of the gold depending on the test results, IAAF general secretary Pierre Weiss said.

“But today there is no proof and the benefit of doubt must always be in favor of the athlete,” Weiss said.

Semenya’s rivals said they tried not to dwell on the issue before the race.

“I’ve heard a lot of speculation, but all I could do was just keep a level head and go about my business,” Meadows said. “If none of it’s true, I feel very sorry for her.”

One thing not in doubt was Semenya’s outstanding run.

“Nobody else in the world can do that sort of time at the moment,” Meadows said. “She obviously took the race by storm.”