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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Quick Thoughts On Kal King and Tariq On...
The L.A. Complex 2nd Season Finale:
"Don't Say Goodbye"

Don't know if anyone saw the 2nd season finale ("Don't Say Goodbye") of The L.A. Complex, but it was quite a ride to see the Kaldrick King (aka Shawn Duggan) character (played by actor Andra Fuller) grow in his story arc. After his domestic abuse of if the Tariq character (played by Actor Benjamin Charles Watson) I didn't know if I could have compassion for Kal.

 Actors Benjamin Charles Watson and Andra Fuller

I was most struck by his admission of having a Black man -- his father -- re-enter his life and make him be a better person. You usually don't see that in series television for Black men.

Though deep down I would have liked some reconciliation -- no, a relationship with Tariq and Kal, it was probably for the better as a more realistic storyline and not cheapen the characters with a fairytale fake ending. I still FEEL for Tariq because he will STILL be left with those emotional scares for quite some time. And as bruthaz alluded to in a previous thread, the writers didn't get into a story arc of Tariq's struggles of get his life together from the traumatizing domestic abuse from Kal.

Actor Andra Fuller as Kal King

It's still painful to see one Black man die at the hands of another (the end of the episode), but Kal's boyhood buddy (Rook) was being a friend as best he could, and though I don't agree with the method of CANCELLING another bruthaz' LIFE I understood he felt like he had no other options. And the angry Black man syndrome is tired, too, by the way.

Actor Benjamin Charles Watson as Tariq

Not sure if the show will come back for a 3rd season, or even if it does, not sure it would be with these set of characters because it looks like the writers have done all they could with all of them -- but as superficial as most of these characters were in this tv series, it was satisfying to know the meat of integrity for this series was Kal King (and Tariq and later Kal's father) driving a relevant and good story arc.

LINK: http://www.cwtv.com/cw-video/the-la-complex/dont-say-goodbye/