Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved
The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved<br>The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

Followers of Nubian Knights Network
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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

- Fred Wilson

"Most of my fortitude to continue doing the work comes from the moral outrage I feel about the injustices that Black people endure disproportionately daily."

- N. Abdul-Wakil

"In the end, what matters is not skin shade but pan-African consciousness. Loving your complexion, your nose, lips, hair length and texture, no matter what the politics or trends decide, and simply be. That's the problem with us (African folks). We're still learning how to love ourselves. So used to glorifying others and putting others first..."

- Dredlocks Tree

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)
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LAST UPDATE: Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Begin 2010 With Your Best Face Forward:
The Smooth Skin Company

The BLOOM Spring Party 2010 Inspired ROD
More Than Ever To Wanna "Face Paint" And Become A Wodaabe Nomad Warrior Through Cultural Expression


Beautifully Captured Image Of Wodaabe Male Getting Ready

ME (ROD) AT The ADODI Summer Retreat In 2003
At Ramblewood In Darlington, Maryland


I don't what it is, but ever since I bought my copy of the African Ceremonies two volume book set years ago (now out-of-print), I have not been able to get the Wodaabe nomad tribe out of my head.

I think the Wodaabe tribe(s) has the freakin' qoolest face painting tradition. I lot of my favoritism has tho do with one particular tribe's color scheme of brown and yellow. Brown is my favorite color and so there's a natural allure that I have. Plus, the Wodaabe do the black paint around the lips which is off da chain to me and adds a nice stark contrast to the brown and yellow facial paint.

ME Working On My Pants Overalls
In An Arts & Crafts Workshop

At The ADODI Summer Retreat in 2003

The BLOOM Spring Party that I went to this past Sunday made me think of doing this particular blog entry and celebrating the Wodaabe nomads. At the 11th hour I had wanted to get my face painted at the party, but it was late and they were winding down. I actually felt like a little boy who was let down because I didn't get my face painted.

Although, I did get my face painted once at the ADODI summer retreat in 2003.

Another Wodabbe Warrior Getting His Face Painted

The Bororos (Or Wodaabes) Are Nomads
Belonging To The Peul Tribe.
The Men Look Very Feminine
When They Have
Their Festivals And
Take Hours
To Dress Up And Apply Their Make-up

Men From The Wodaabe Tribe Prepare For A Festival
Near Agadez, Niger, West Africa

Portrait Of Men Of Nomad Wodaabe
(Aka Peul, Bororo, Fulani)
Tribe,Dressed In Make-Up For
Geerewol Festival Near Agadez In Sahel Region.
Location: Agadez, Niger, West Africa

Putting On The Face Paint
It Is The Men Who Show Off Among The Wodaabe Nomads
The Yaake Dance Is A Magical Beauty Contest
Exhibiting Male Beauty, Attractiveness And Love.

The Yaake Resembles A Long Parade Of Men
Wearing Make-Up, Standing Side-By-Side.
Flashing The Whiteness Of Their Eyes And Teeth,
The Men Dance Like Reeds Swaying In The Wind.

Niger Republic Sahel Wodaabe Nomads
Blow On Each Others Faces
To Dry The Red Paint On Them.

They Are About To Dance The Gerewol
Which Is At Once The Tribes Supreme Male Beauty Contest

Wodaabe Tribesman Preparing For Charm Dance.
Such A Qool Look!
(Niger, West Africa)

The Wodaabes Tribe
Look Sooooooo Freakin' Qool!!!!

Pictures: Winter Dayz Around New York City
(February 2010)

I took all these pictures with my Nokia N900 MIB (Mobile Internet Device). Decent if okay pictures quality wise. I LOVE what I shot though. I'm used to my Nikon D200 DSLR cam.

Eastern Parkway @ Franklin Avenue, BK (Brooklyn), New York
(February 2010)

Eastern Parkway @ Franklin Avenue, BK (Brooklyn), New York
(February 2010)

New York City Transit Subway
Botanic Garden Subway Stop On Da Franklin Avenue Line
(February 2010)

Botanic Garden Subway Stop
(February 2010)

Harlem, NYC
148th Street & Broadway
(February 2010)

Harlem, NYC
148th Street & Broadway
(February 2010)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

African CG (Computer Genereted) Animation:
The Zambezia Trailer And The Khumba Trailer

Hey Black Family,

WHOOOOAAA! I have to share this with y'all!

Embedded below are promo trailers to two African CG (Computer Generated) animation films produced by Triggerfish Animation called Zambezia and Khumba. I tell you... just watching these trailers just brought out the inner child in me so much. I haven't been this HAPPY about watching something from the animation genre since I discovered Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998) and the sequel Kirikou And The Wild Beast (2005) a few years ago.

These new, Zambezia and Khukma, that I discovered via ShadowandAct.com (my one and only favorite film website that I LOVE to visit for it's African Diasporic appeal) are examples of everything Hollywood is NOT in terms of ethnic and cultural diversity. In other words, these films are un-American and have their own flava which is so refreshing and needed!!! Though I will say I did enjoy the Hollywood made Madagascar series of animation films, but though they have some Afrocentricity to it (some settings in Africa and the characters are voiced by some African-American talent such as Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett-Smith), they're really dumbed-down Afrocentric presentations which is not surprising as they need to appeal to a white audience; they can't be TOO ETHNIC or TOO BLACK, know what I mean??? The Madagascar series short films are qool, but they don't hold a candle to the Kirikou films or these two new African gems.

Anyway, you can check out the clips below FIRST (both trailers run about 8 or 9 minutes total) and then you can head over to ShdaowandAct.com and read the whole backstory. Both Zambezia and Khumba are due for release in 2011.

Wheeeeeeeee! Qoolness!... just the little boy in me!

ME (Little ROD) Back In The Day

Zambezia Synopsis:
On the edge of an enormous waterfall, in the heart of Africa, lies the bird city of Zambezia. Famous for its impregnable defenses against egg predators, it has become the breeding sanctuary for birds from throughout the river valley. With half of its massive Baobab shell gone, Zambezia City is the ultimate tree house, humming with birds on every level, from its roots at the base, to the platforms high in the leafy tops.

Aero, a young Taita Falcon from a remote outpost, is the protagonist of the story. He dreams of flying on the prestigious River Watch. When Aero’s father is captured by the treacherous Marabous, he is forced to abandon his outpost and flee to Zambezia. However, Aero soon finds himself at the centre of a deadly plot concocted by the Marabous – who have joined forces with giant, egg-eating lizards – to overthrow Zambezia and return things back to “every bird for himself”. If Aero is to save Zambezia, he will have to learn that not all battles are won with fast and fancy flying.

Website: zambeziamovie.com

Zambezia from Triggerfish Animation on Vimeo.

Khumba, Synopsis:
Khumba, the story of a half-striped zebra, born into an insular, isolated herd obsessed with stripes. Rumors that the strange foal is cursed spread and, before long, he is blamed for the drought that sets in. When his father, the leader of the herd, blames him for the lack of rain and the subsequent death of his mother, the outcast zebra leaves the confines of his home knowing that he cannot survive in the herd without all his stripes.

Khumba Trailer

Sopo (short film)
A Triggerish Film Project

Friday, March 26, 2010

Malcolm X Was Gay? | Dr. Marc Lamont Hill,
ROD's Musings / Thoughts: What's The Value
To Us In This Alleged Information???

The following is a response I made to a friend via email because of a a link he sent me initially from Dr. Hill's blog entry about Malcolm X and his alleged sexuality. It's just my own musings or thoughts on the matter.
For reference purposes, one should read the original blog entry link first: Malcolm X Was Gay? | Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

Hey SonSebek,

I finally got around to reading your email link about Malcolm.

When I first read the subject line, I remembered receiving an email a few years ago about Malcolm being "gay" and here it is surfacing again. In fact, though I don't remember, that old email may have referred this blog entry which is 4 years old. Who knows, it was a while ago.

It was an interesting read, SonSebek, but I'm not sure how this information, if true will help us who are in the now and in the living for those of us that are same gender loving (SGL) folks of African descent or not. Unless there's indisputable physical evidence (besides other people's accounts or remembrances, which are subjective and non-tangible to examine), it will all be supposition on an individual's part. And the larger Black community is still not ready to do the work around our diversified sexualities along the continuum. A large part of our community thinks heterosexuality is the only right and proper way of living, which in part, is driven by that good ol' sacred and divisive Christianity bible of theirs.

Though I was intrigued by the blog entry when Dr. Hill referenced in his blog entry how Malcolm and the other boys in his neighborhood were allegedly experimenting (aka stroking each other, sucking each other, etc.) with each other. It's intriguing to me because I think at a young age it is natural to explore one's body and coming into one's sexuality (whatever that might be) and gender identity, too! I HAVE NO DOUBT in my mind that a lot of boys (and girls, but particularly boys for the sake of talking about manhood identity in this conversation) that are now men, played around with other boys sexually, BUT WILL NEVER ADMIT to it because of stigma, shame and judgment from the Black community and because of this country's pathological idea of what it is to be a "man". A "man" being strong; masculine; non-feminine; king of the castle; providing for a woman; taking care of the stock market portfolios; etc., etc., etc., which means "real" men or "niggas" (from the projects, etc.) don't suck another man's dick or get fucked and whatever, whatever, whatever which brings out, among other things, misogyny and de-valuing others and not being real with oneself.

The larger Black community in my estimation would see Malcolm's alleged homosexuality or bisexuality as a castration of his memory. And IF it was TOTALLY TRUE beyond a reasonable doubt with concrete evidence, a lot of Black folks still wouldn't embrace that part of Malcolm into the greater sum of his whole being simply because of this heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, trans gender, hermaphrodite, man, woman, etc., etc. etc. and ultimately demeaning hierarchical totem pole we live under in our minds.

Considering Malcolm's humanitarian stature to and within the Black community, the notion that Malcolm's sexual persuasion may have been many things would bring a sense of self-worth I think for so many same gender loving (SGL) Black people to look up to (if it were totally true, but alas, we sometimes drown in "ifs") because he simply was more than the sum of his parts. And though the issues will rage on with people taking sides, the truth of the matter is that people, including myself, look for positive and affirming role models that reflect the physical tangibles and the intangibles in us in real live and multi-media. Is that so much to ask for? At the same time, and it is no cliche for me, because I'm seeing more and more why Gandhi said "Be the change (leader) you want to see."


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The New "GLO TV Network"
Dedicated To The Urban
SGL (Same Gender Loving) Audience
Coming Fall 2010!!


Hey Black Family,

Just got this hot off the digital press some hours ago, I got some jaw dropping information: an entity called GLO TV Network will be launching in the fall 2010 and is the first and only dedicated Black same gender loving channel.

Click the pic or he link below to read the press release.

This is exactly what we've needed for some time! And now that we have a new venture happening it will be IMPORTANT that WE SUPPORT this network/channel anyway we can.. this INCLUDES FISCALLY if we are called upon for that type of SUPPORT! As my friend DELMAR always says, "We have to pay for our own liberation".

I've never ever liked the Logo Channel or the HERE! Channels' programming policies and decisions. And I VOTED with my wallet and did not subscribe to their networks as part of my monthly cable package. We've seen how the Black SGL (same gender loving) tv series Noah's Ark and The DL Chronicle got F**KED over, right? And putting African-American actor Jensen Atwood in the lilly white show Dante' Cove is not my idea of diversity; if anything it smacks with objectification of the Black man!!

I personally engaged in an e-blast campaign last year (2009) for us to write letters to these two networks which was quite effective in getting their attention because I received feedback from bruthaz who wrote in and told me what their responses were. I, too, wrote two raw and biting letters to both networks and blasted them for their lack of Black programming and overall representation of people of color (the African, Asian, Native America, Latino Diasporas).

Alright folks. be ready to "GLO" and lend your support when need be! Read on...


posted on The Future 1:00EST on Wednesday, March 24, 2010:

Hollywood, CA — March 24, 2010 — Maurice Jamal, Award Winning Filmmaker, announced yesterday at the Flipping The Script: Beyond Homophobia in Black Hollywood panel the launch of GLO Television Network coming Fall 2010. The event moderated by actress Sheryl Lee Ralph at the Writers Guild of America, examined the issues regarding the African-American gay and lesbian community in film and television and how to make a positive change within black entertainment and the community at large.

“This is a new day. We need to take the lead in creating opportunities and making the quality entertainment we deserve. GLO TV is innovative and forward thinking. This network is our network: with quality programming geared towards the urban LGBT audience, family, friends and allies. Our community is more than just one ethnicity, one race, one body type, one region or creed. GLO TV is about showing us in all our vibrant colors,” Jamal states.

The urban LGBT community, our family, friends and allies are diverse, valuable, powerful and important: The time has come for us to stand up and be counted.

The time has come for our stories to be told. The time has come for us to show just how amazing we can be. The time has come for GLO.

“This is a major shift in my career and I did some soul-searching, but it was so clear that this was right.” says Jamal. “My partners and I understood the risks with this new and exciting venture; we have faith that it’s the right decision for gay and lesbian community, it’s something we deserve, something that’s overdue. There were no national platforms for the urban LGBT community to share our stories, but now we have GLO TV.”

About The GLO Television Network:

The GLO TV Network is the first network dedicated to the Urban LGBT audience, families and allies. GLO TV will feature a full slate of programming: From original series and feature films, to classics we've grown to love; with cutting edge news programs, documentaries and music that breaks boundaries; presenting artists you can't see anywhere else to our favorite celebrities. The mission of GLO TV is to present you with what you want, how you want it, when you want it. You'll be able to find GLO TV across the country, in every market. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Each of us laughs cries, sometimes we jump for joy, sometimes we struggle in life, and we hope for love. We each do our best, day by day. GLO is about showing all of who we are with programs that are entertaining, informative, affirming and sometimes provocative. GLO understands that within each of us is a unique story to be told. We have a range of perspectives, ideals and beliefs as varied as we are. We will present these stories with creativity, quality and integrity.

It's time for us to get our "shine" on.
That's you.
That's us.
That's GLO.

For additional information, events and release dates go to:
Updates will be posted regularly.

About Maurice Jamal

Filmmaker Maurice Jamal (The Ski Trip, Dirty Laundry, Friends and Lovers, B-Boy Blues) burst on the scene in 2005 ringing a loud bell as a contemporary African-American filmmaker willing to push the medium's boundaries in regards to gender, sexuality and race. He has been profiled on CNN, TV One, CBS News, AOL Black Voices and in Monarch, OUT, The Advocate, Hollywood Reporter and Variety. He is the first openly gay Black actor/writer to be profiled and referred to as a gay, Black American in the mainstream urban media sources BET, Black Enterprise, Ebony and JET. He has been nominated for both NAACP Image and GLAAD Media Awards. He was listed by AOL Black Voices as one of the 25 Most Influential Filmmakers and by OUT Magazine as one of the 100 Most Important Gays in America.

Sending Best Wishes from The Future,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Listen to "The African History Network Show"
An Internet Radio Braodcast
Wednesdays From 9PM - 10PM EST

Hello Everyone,

Listen to "The African History Network Show", Wednesday, March 24th, 9pm - 10pm EST as host Michael J. Robinson welcomes one of our great African-Centered Scholar Warriors, Anthony (Tony) Browder. Tony Browder is the author of "Exploding The Myths Vol. 1: Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization", "Egypt On The Potomac" and his new book "The History And Cultural Relevance Of AVATAR". His unique approach to teaching our history and culture can be seen in his numerous DVD lectures.

Our topics will include:

If you have children you will definitely want to tune in.

"The African History Network Show" can be heard on www.HarambeeRadio.com. This is a fantastic new Internet Radio Show hosted by Michael J. Robinson, President of The African History Network. This is an African-Centered Show that focuses on Educating, Inspiring and Empowering people of African Descent through the learning of our History and Culture.

We have a fantastic line up scheduled for upcoming shows featuring some of our best African-Centered Scholars. You will not want to miss a single week. You'll also be able to listen to the broadcast again and again because it will be available on download.

JOIN Our FANPAGE, "The African History Network". Be on our FANPAGE during the program and we'll take some of your questions and comments from our FANPAGE and announce them on the air.

You can view clips and purchase DVDS of Tony Browder's' presentations at http://www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com. Be prepared to learn and be entertained. Let your friends know about this event as we will all learn something from Tony Browder.

Be sure to visit our website www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and sign up for our new Newsletter E-mail list. We will have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks and we want to keep you informed.

New Arrivals at The African History Network

New titles from Anthony Browder:
1) The Historical And Cultural Relevance Of AVATAR

New titles from Dr. Booker T. Washington (Kaba Hiawatha Kamene) such as:
1) Hidden Wisdom Of The Black Mother Womb

2) Sex and Race: Prominent African People In European History

3) The African Presence In Medieval Europe: An Introduction And Overview Of The Moors In Spain

4) The African Presence In Medieval Europe: The History And Geography Of The Moors In Spain

5) Ma’at: The Feathered Wombedman

6) The Crusades Part1: The History Of The Africans In Europe

7) The Dogon Of Mali: The Philosophy And Astronomy Of The Dogon People Of Mali, West Africa

8) The Role Of Melanin And Its Application In The School Curriculum

9) The Melanin Chronicles: The Mental And Spiritual Attributes Of Melanin (TV Program)

New titles from Dr. Na’im Akbar such as:
1) The Obama Factor In Black Manhood

2) The Spiritual Meaning Of Father

3) Salvaging Black Males

4) From Lust To Love

Thank You,

Michael J. Robinson
Professional Public Speaker/Lecturer/Talk Show Host

The African History Network
(313) 587-5005 (mobile)
(313) 396-5396 (office)
(866) 558-4469 (fax)

"Right knowledge, Corrects wrong behavior!!!"

Listen to "The African History Network Show",
Wednesdays 9pm - 10pm EST on www.HarambeeRadio.com

Monday, March 22, 2010

Drop-In Sessions Begin EVERY WEDNESDAY
In Mid-March 2010 Through Summer

Yogis, Novices, Couch Potatoes, Tri-Athletes,
Young, Old And Everyone In Between:
Join Together To Stretch Mind, Body And Breath
Through The Practice Of Yoga.

By – Noël

Drop-In Sessions Begin Mid-March 2010 Through Summer!
Every Wednesday @ 7:00PM – 8:30PM

$10 Drop-In Tuition
(Mats Available Or Bring Your Own)

966 Fulton Street
(between Grand Avenue and Cambridge Place)
Brooklyn, New York

Travel Directions:
"C" local train to Clinton-Washington subway station

B25, B26 buses (closest along Fulton Street) or B69

Kuntaw Martial Arts' New Website:
Kuntaw New York,
Martial Arts Classes For Kids & Adults

Official Website: Kuntaw New York

753 Flatbush Avenue

(Between Clarkson Avenue and Lenox Road)
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11226

Trains: "Q" local train to Parkside Avenue (closest train stop) or "B" express train to Church Avenue subway stop
Buses: B12, B16 and B41 (closest buses) and B44, B49


Call Us Today About A Free Demonstration Class!
(347) 585-0088
E-mail: kyud[at]KuntawMartialArts-NY.com

Announcing Kuntaw Martial Arts' new website!

Dear friends and family,

I'm excited to announce the grand opening of my new web site "Kuntaw New York" . I hope to attract lots of visitors and prospective students, so I invite you to visit my site now to learn more!

Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested, to help me spread the word. To see my site, just click the "Visit My Site" button (below).

Best regards,

Leon Simmons
Lakan Guro
Chief Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brand New & Official ADODI National Website
Up And Running! Bruthaz, Check It Out!!

What And Who Is ADODI?

ADODI was established in Philadelphia, PA in 1986. (WE ARE IN OUR 24th YEAR!)

ADODI, the plural of ADO, is a Yoruba word that describes a man who "loves" another man. More than just a description of partners in Africa, the ADODI of the tribe are thought to embody both male and female ways of being and were revered as shamans, sages and leaders.

ADODI is a community of men of color who affirm their African lineage and love of men. Our purpose is to foster and encourage the self-discovery, validation, empowerment and liberation of all members of our diverse community.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

VEP Writers Retreat
SAVE THE DATE! May 21st - 23rd, 2010
The Oaks/New Dawn Foundation
New Rochelle, New York

VEP Writers Retreat



Vintage Entity Press Writers Retreat

May 21-23, 2010
The Oaks/New Dawn Foundation
New Rochelle, New York

Join us for
Workshops, Networking, Open Mic,
Readings, Book Selling, and Community

Invited Presenters:
G. Winston James
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
Pamela Sneed
Curu Necos-Bloice
Herukhuti (Editing and Revising)
Steven G. Fullwood (Creating a Manuscript Proposal)
April Silver (PR and Marketing)
Lamar Ariel (Self-Publishing)
Lenelle Moïse (Reading and Performing)
Anton Nimblett (Fiction)
Ellery Washington (Creative Non-Fiction)
And More!

Check back
for more information about the retreat this week!

Contact Herukhuti, Associate Editor-at-Large
at heru[at]vepress.com or 917.403-0536


Saturday, March 13, 2010

24th Annual ADODI Summer Retreat (2010)
Colombiere Conference Center
Clarkston, Michigan
Wed. July 14th thru Sunday July 18th, 2010

Greetings from The Brotherhood Of ADODI:
We invite all
same-gender loving men of African descent
to join us in the gathering for our
24th annual summer retreat:

“Approaching Silver:
Renewing the ADODI Spirit”

As we look forward to the 25th Annual Retreat in 2011, we felt it was only fitting to pause and reflect on the history of an organization which was started and sustained by SGL Brothers of Color. We are a people who believe in the concept of Sankofa; we should never go forward without looking back, and going back to reclaim what we may have forgotten so that the future can be assured.

This retreat is designed to explore the 24 year legacy of our fellowship. Through workshops, African inspired rituals, daily affirmations, sharing our stories and other activities we will:
  • Revisit the ideals of the founders;
  • Examine the changing face and needs of our community;
  • Explore the diasporic nature of our membership;
  • Discuss new directions for the future of ADODI nationally and locally
We will be exploring not only the theme, but our history as individuals, our relationships as a community, and our responsibility as ADODI Brothers.

We look forward to welcoming you on this adventure of celebrating our past and solidifying our future.

Yours in the Spirit of ADODI,
The 2010 Retreat Planning Committee

Registration Fee Information

If paid in full by April 14th, 2010 $450.00
If paid in full by June 1st, 2010 $500.00
After June 1st, 2010 $550.00

Please complete, detach and mail the registration form with your payment to:

ADODI National
P.O. Box 60501

Chicago, Illinois 60660-0501


If you need a registration form you
can download a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version from the
Nubian Knights Network YahooGroup
located under the FILES section here;

or email ME (ROD) at BIG.ROD02[at]GMAIL.COM
will the subject line clearly stating
ADODI Summer Retreat Registration Form Request
so that I know I'm NOT receiving SPAM or a VIRUS
from an unknown email address,
and I'll email yo
u the form.




Starting March 15, You may register online at www.ADODIonline.com using a credit card, paypal or still opt to mail a check. If you opt to mail a check it must be postmarked by the April 14th deadline to receive the early registration price.
A service charge is added to online registrations.
Online pricing is below:

If paid in full by April 14th, 2010 $465.00
If paid in full by June 1st, 2010 $515.00
After June 1st, 2010 $570.00

Pricing includes:
  • Round trip transportation from Detroit Metro International Airport, and downtown Detroit.
  • Dinner Wednesday; 3 meals Thursday, Friday and Saturday; brunch Sunday.
  • Double occupancy rooms.
  • All retreat materials and a retreat t-shirt are also included.

Partial payments may be made at any time, however to receive the early registration fee the full price has to be paid by the deadline listed above.

Full retreat fee payments made after July 1st
must be made in the form of cashier's check or money order.


Deposits and registrations are transferable but NON-REFUNDABLE.

Limited scholarships are available
to those who qualify for up to $225.00.
To request a scholarship application contact:

Paul Smith:


What To Bring:
  • Casual attire including comfortable shoes, workout clothing and swimwear.
  • Personal toiletries, medication, a beach towel, insect repellent, a flashlight.
  • A plain white T-Shirt or white African garment with no logo's, colors or colored stitching for the Tribute to the Ancestors.
  • African drums and bells.
  • Musical instruments, pre-recorded or sheet music, poetry, costume(s) or other accessories if you wish to participate in the Talent Sharing.
  • A desire to let yourself participate in a community of men who wish to affirm and accept you just as you are.
  • A desire to affirm and accept others.
  • Your spiritual gifts and the desire to explore/share them.
  • Music, DVD’s, board games, card games.

What NOT To Bring:
  • Large sums of money or expensive jewelry.
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcoholic beverages

Neither ADODI National
nor Colombiere Retreat & Conference Center
can assume responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

This is a drug and alcohol free weekend.

For more information please contact:
Westley Gillard.......917/428-4809
Vincent Bates.......508/755-1145
Clarence Brown (Registration).......773/643-8265
Larry Rogers (Online Registration).......773/274-4093
Rickie Green (Workshops).......443/803-6909
Yes Jihad (Homestays).......734/846-6545

Email: info[at]adodionline.com


Colombiere Conference & Retreat Center is nestled on 420 acres of mature pines and hardwoods in Clarkston, MI. less than an hour drive from Detroit. Conference attendees avoid the distractions of the city and surround themselves with acres of towering pines, oaks and walking trails. Gardens and pathways are open invitations for quiet walks.

The gymnasium is located on the 2nd floor and is set up for volleyball, basketball or badminton, but is also available for general exercising. We also features an out-door heated pool. Pool activity is not supervised by a lifeguard, and towels are not provided. Overnight accommodations are available in dormitory style rooms for a maximum of 150 people depending on the use of the rooms. Bed linens and towels are provided.



White Eagle Conference Center
Hamilton, New York

July 20th - 24th, 2011