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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Black Same Gender Loving Sports Experience Penned By E. Lynn Harris

As we, the Black same gender loving community celebrate the accomplishments while mourning the passing of E. Lynn Harris, I'd like to say that the greatest thing I took away from E. Lynn Harris was his third and my most favorite book that he wrote, And This Too Shall Pass (1997). He's the only Black SGL author (to my knowledge) to broach the subject matter of the Black SGL experience and SPORTS (specifically American football) which I LOVE. Man! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!

It occurred to me at the time I read the book that if I had the dream to ever pursue a career as a lawyer, I'd be in the sports arena in order to help young Black male sports athletes manage their money better. It would have been a great service to help my community of bruthaz manage their money better and I may get to see some of them in their towels in the locker room as a bonus! LOL! ).

Photography Copyright © RASCONRAD

A lot of prospective Black male athletics come from impoverished or low-income backgrounds and then once they obtain a substantial amount of money in lucrative sports contracts they wind up broke after their career is over due to financial mismanagement. The Washington Post (can't find the link right now) did a huge and extensive (like 8 to 10 page) on-line article on the subject matter of NFL sports athletics and their money.

Anyway, even though I have my little Paddleball Saturdays with Da Bruthaz (NYC) sports league at Morningside Park @ 122nd Street in Harlem, NY during the last 5 years, which is intended as an alternative to clubs and bars for fellowship and brotherhood for Black same gender loving men, I am still frustrated at the lack of desire that my circles of Black SGL men have for sports; the exception is like basketball or track and field where bruthaz watch for the eye candy and mostly not truly interested in the sport(s) itself.

Anyway, I say all that to say that E. Lynn Harris penned an inspiring book that I (a Black same gender loving brutha who LOVES sports, lives in New York City and a huge Washington Redskins fan for over 25 years now) could really get into and escape with. Ironically, I remember in past conversations that a lot of Black SGL bruthaz didn't appreciate And This Too Shall Pass as much as I liked the book.

Anyway, I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my good friend Herb for helping me organize the Paddleball Saturdays with Da Bruthaz (NYC) over these last few years. He gave me hope that there a few (if minuscule amount of bruhs) who like vibin' with me on Saturdays with the sport of paddleball.

Oh, well... CHEERS to you E. Lynn! Thanks for creating and crafting a truly inspirational and exceptional Black SGL sports world I could vibe with. Peace, my brutha!


UPDATE (Tuesday, July 28th, 2009): I happened to be looking through my book library and found (and forgot!) that E. Lynn signed my copy of AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS from 10 years ago! WOW! I remember waiting on a long line like everyone else during his book signing in a basketball gymnasium (I'm pretty certain that it was at the YMCA on 135th Street in Harlem, NYC, USA!). Take a look below. I wanted to share this! The paper is turning a little brown, though... LOL!