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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DC Black Pride 2010 (20th Annual Celebration)
A 5-Part Pictorial
From May, 29th - 31st, 2010

Hey African Family,

I apologize for being so late with DC Black Pride pictures. I just had so many pictures from other events to shoot and go through as well as my own life drama and depressions.

So, there are a LOTTA, LOTTA pics broken up into 5 parts.

Have FUN looking...

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DC Black Pride 2010 (20th Annual)

Part I:
Remembering Our African Soldiers & Ancestors

This Monument Is Really Beautiful
And Located
At The Metro Train Stop
U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo

As We Were Leaving After Observing The Civil War Monument
My Friend Ernest Pointed Out
How Beautiful The Spiritual Head

At The Top Of The Monument Was...

... I Looked Back And Realized
I Had Taken So Many Picture Angles Of The Monument

And I Just Didn't See The Spiritual Head.
And I've Visited This Monument More Than Once,
And It Amazes Me How I Simply Just Didn't Look UP...

Peaceful... And Beautifully Sculptured.
I'd Like To Meet The Person
Who Brain-stormed And Sculptured.
It Really, Really Speaks To Me Intrinsically In A
Peaceful Enchanted Way

DC Black Pride 2010 (20th Annual)
Part II:
The FlavaMen Pool Party
(@ The Washington Plaza Hotel)

A had mixed emotions about this party, because my friends and I got there, we asked these two bruthaz their impressions and it was a basic "okay, I guess" answer, "but upstairs is really nice".

It was strange because we saw white folks with their kids on one side of the pool, and then you had this sea of chocolate Black men on the other side of the pool. LOL! And YES, it looked very segregated and the unspoken "uncomfort" was there.

See, basically, the concept of a pool party was a great one, but FlavaMen (the promoters) shouldn't have had the party at a hotel which theoretically is a public establishment. There was no way the hotel management could tell paying hotel customers they couldn't use the pool which s one of the perks of the hotel.

Anyway, FlavaMen did rent out this big room which was just one spiral staircase floor away from where the pool was. This was the saving grace of the pool party. There were cute ass boyz everywhere and bangin' music inside (hip-hop, though I'm not big on it) and there was a ca$h bar inside. We got treated to a body contest, and of course, New York won! LOL! LOL!

As the late afternoon to evening went on, it got less white by the ppol and more Black, but there wasn't too many bruthaz in the ppol at all. Mostly bruthaz were chattin' and stayin' cool under the giant umbrellas, chillin' on the balcony or inside the room dancin' to tunes and gettin' their drink on.

It was a decent if uneven experience...

Flavamen's DeAngelo Jackson

Da Body Contest

A Rapper Giving A Performance

Flavamen's DeAngelo Jackson Was Qool People
And Let Me Take His Picture
This Brutha Is So Phuckin' Phyne!!!

DC Black Pride 2010 (20th Annual)
Part III:
Fashion & Entertainment Extravaganza
(@ The Sphinx)

And Now Your Fashion Show Host... Rayceen Pendarvis! LOL!

Pictured Left To Right:
Fashion Show Co-Hosts Buttafly Soul And Rayceen Pendarvis

Very Sexy Brutha!
Has A Brooklyn (aka "BK") Homey Look To Him

This Brutha Was Workin' The Show.
I'd Sure LOVE to Meet Him.
Anyone Know His Name?

(A Year Later He Contacted Me! LOL!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I INtorduce You To:
Model Jorge Lander)
Smiley Teeth.gif

This Brutha (Model Jorge Lander)
Was Hands Down
My Favorite Model At This Event.
He Gave You A Sense oF Masculinity In One Moment
And Then Some Femininity The Next Moment.
Really Cute & Phyne Ass Brutha...
Reminds Me Of Usher A Little Bit
[Click Jorge's Name Above To See His
Webpage Portfolio And Show Your Love]


This Brutha Was Sexy...
And Yet
Ultra-Freaky In a Bad (Not A Good Way).
Nice Body But The Outfit (Head Gear) Gave Me The Creeps...

...Still... Worthy Of Photographing...

...I Guess Darth Vader Would Be Proud


...Now That's Same Gender Love (SGL)!!!

Givin' Out Da Dolla Bill$...


So Romantic...

...Same Gender Love (SGL)!

DC Black Pride 2010 (20th Annual)
Part IV:
A Day Of FUN Around Washington, DC

The Spot That I Always Like To Go To
When I Come To
Washington, DC...

Eastern Market!!

My Friend Ernest Trying On A Pair Of Shades
At Eastern Market

Ernest, My Hang Out Buddy,
And I Wound Up
On The Other Side Of Town.
We Read About FlavaMen's Other Event,
The Rooftop Barbecue/Pool Party
On The Rooftop Of The Onyx Condominium Building.
Unfortunately That Event Got Canceled,
So FlavaMen's Track Record With Pool Parties
Leaves a Lot To Be Desired...

So Down The Block Was The Baseball Stadium
So We Went By To See The Outside Of It

The Washington Convention Center
Where Vendors And Various Entertainment Went On.
There Was Even An Inflatable Play Thingy For Kids, Too!

I LOVE Painted Art Murals Of The African Experience
So I Took Some Pictures.
(I Did The Same Thing Just 2 Weeks Prior In Philadelphia, Too!)

On Monday We Stopped Off At
Bus Boys And Poets At 14th Street & V Street.
Man, I LOVE The Mojitos There!
I Haven't Had One Here in 3 Years!

The Art On The Walls Are Always Amazing To Look At.

Bus Boys And Poets As Well As Eatonville
Which Is Across The Street
Are Both Owned
By This Black Brutha
Who We Got To Meet At Eatonville

When We Had Dinner The Night Before.

DC Black Pride 2010 (20th Annual)
Part V:
Us Helping Us
Picnic In The Park
(@ Fort Dupont Park)

A Got To Play A Little Volleyball Myself
And Then Took These Pics Later On

I Kept Calling This Brutha "Diesel"
For Obvious Reasons! LOL!

Brutha Antoine Agreed To Let Me Take His Picture

Sexy Undies... I Have a Fetish For Men's Undies!

Thanks For The Pics, Antoine!

Kids Playing And Having FUN At Da Park!

This Sistah Was Too Much!
She Was Funny And Qool People!

Your Host Rayceen Pendarvis
Was Good With The Kids And Acknowledging Them
At Da Park!

A Group Of Bruthaz Chillin' Together

This Sistah Carried It Pretty FIERCELY!!

She's Too FIERCE!!

Standin' With His Man...
So Affirming!

Nice To See A Comfort Of LOVE

Brutha Is Nice!

A Very Nice Turn Out For Us Helping Us'
First Time Picnic Event For DC Black Pride

The Picnic Coming To A Close...

Host Rayceen Pendarvis Is FUNNY And Off Da Chain...

...A Light And Funny Moment As She Travels Around
In A Police Car On The Loud Speaker
Letting Folks Know We Have To Exit The Park
At 7:00PM And That No Know Should Be In The Bushes
Doin' You Know What... LOL!

All Photography