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The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved<br>The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

- Fred Wilson

"Most of my fortitude to continue doing the work comes from the moral outrage I feel about the injustices that Black people endure disproportionately daily."

- N. Abdul-Wakil

"In the end, what matters is not skin shade but pan-African consciousness. Loving your complexion, your nose, lips, hair length and texture, no matter what the politics or trends decide, and simply be. That's the problem with us (African folks). We're still learning how to love ourselves. So used to glorifying others and putting others first..."

- Dredlocks Tree

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The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Begin 2010 With Your Best Face Forward:
The Smooth Skin Company

The BLOOM Spring Party 2010 Inspired ROD
More Than Ever To Wanna "Face Paint" And Become A Wodaabe Nomad Warrior Through Cultural Expression


Beautifully Captured Image Of Wodaabe Male Getting Ready

ME (ROD) AT The ADODI Summer Retreat In 2003
At Ramblewood In Darlington, Maryland


I don't what it is, but ever since I bought my copy of the African Ceremonies two volume book set years ago (now out-of-print), I have not been able to get the Wodaabe nomad tribe out of my head.

I think the Wodaabe tribe(s) has the freakin' qoolest face painting tradition. I lot of my favoritism has tho do with one particular tribe's color scheme of brown and yellow. Brown is my favorite color and so there's a natural allure that I have. Plus, the Wodaabe do the black paint around the lips which is off da chain to me and adds a nice stark contrast to the brown and yellow facial paint.

ME Working On My Pants Overalls
In An Arts & Crafts Workshop

At The ADODI Summer Retreat in 2003

The BLOOM Spring Party that I went to this past Sunday made me think of doing this particular blog entry and celebrating the Wodaabe nomads. At the 11th hour I had wanted to get my face painted at the party, but it was late and they were winding down. I actually felt like a little boy who was let down because I didn't get my face painted.

Although, I did get my face painted once at the ADODI summer retreat in 2003.

Another Wodabbe Warrior Getting His Face Painted

The Bororos (Or Wodaabes) Are Nomads
Belonging To The Peul Tribe.
The Men Look Very Feminine
When They Have
Their Festivals And
Take Hours
To Dress Up And Apply Their Make-up

Men From The Wodaabe Tribe Prepare For A Festival
Near Agadez, Niger, West Africa

Portrait Of Men Of Nomad Wodaabe
(Aka Peul, Bororo, Fulani)
Tribe,Dressed In Make-Up For
Geerewol Festival Near Agadez In Sahel Region.
Location: Agadez, Niger, West Africa

Putting On The Face Paint
It Is The Men Who Show Off Among The Wodaabe Nomads
The Yaake Dance Is A Magical Beauty Contest
Exhibiting Male Beauty, Attractiveness And Love.

The Yaake Resembles A Long Parade Of Men
Wearing Make-Up, Standing Side-By-Side.
Flashing The Whiteness Of Their Eyes And Teeth,
The Men Dance Like Reeds Swaying In The Wind.

Niger Republic Sahel Wodaabe Nomads
Blow On Each Others Faces
To Dry The Red Paint On Them.

They Are About To Dance The Gerewol
Which Is At Once The Tribes Supreme Male Beauty Contest

Wodaabe Tribesman Preparing For Charm Dance.
Such A Qool Look!
(Niger, West Africa)

The Wodaabes Tribe
Look Sooooooo Freakin' Qool!!!!

Pictures: Winter Dayz Around New York City
(February 2010)

I took all these pictures with my Nokia N900 MIB (Mobile Internet Device). Decent if okay pictures quality wise. I LOVE what I shot though. I'm used to my Nikon D200 DSLR cam.

Eastern Parkway @ Franklin Avenue, BK (Brooklyn), New York
(February 2010)

Eastern Parkway @ Franklin Avenue, BK (Brooklyn), New York
(February 2010)

New York City Transit Subway
Botanic Garden Subway Stop On Da Franklin Avenue Line
(February 2010)

Botanic Garden Subway Stop
(February 2010)

Harlem, NYC
148th Street & Broadway
(February 2010)

Harlem, NYC
148th Street & Broadway
(February 2010)