Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved
The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved<br>The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

- Fred Wilson

"Most of my fortitude to continue doing the work comes from the moral outrage I feel about the injustices that Black people endure disproportionately daily."

- N. Abdul-Wakil

"In the end, what matters is not skin shade but pan-African consciousness. Loving your complexion, your nose, lips, hair length and texture, no matter what the politics or trends decide, and simply be. That's the problem with us (African folks). We're still learning how to love ourselves. So used to glorifying others and putting others first..."

- Dredlocks Tree

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Monthly Black SGL Writing Workshop
Saturday, September 12th, 2009
6PM - 9PM (NYC)

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Rodney Dildy, David Warren Frechette, Colin Robinson,
Carlos Raúl Segura & Donald Woods of "Other Countries", 1987

The first September 2009
"Other Countries" Monthly Writing Workshop will be:

Date & Time:
Saturday, September 12th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The LGBT Community Services Center
208 West 13th Street
(between 7th & 8th Avenues)

Room 102
New York, NY 10011


If you plan to present work on September 12th:
  • please confirm with Kevin McGruder by Thursday, September 10th at kevmcgr[at]pipeline.com
  • bring 8-10 copies of your work for distribution.
For those interested, we will go out to dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant.

Below are guidelines for the workshop.

Other Countries Writing Workshop Discussion/Critique Guidelines

The Other Countries Writing Workshop is a peer-facilitated workshop. In order to ensure a supportive atmosphere and to encourage constructive criticism of work please keep the following in mind:

  • Before reading their work, writers should introduce it by telling about the FAP (Focus, Audience, and Purpose) for the piece as well as its genre. They should think of specific questions they want answered by the workshop, e.g. “Is this ready for submission to literary journals?” “Does this first chapter pull you into my novel’s story?” “Does this character seem too cardboard or cliché?”
  • The moderator will facilitate the discussion/critique of the work
  • Participants should:
- avoid cross talk between other participants while a comment is being made
- address both positives and negatives in the work;
- avoid extraneous “amen-ing” (repeating the comments) of previous speakers;
- avoid personal commentary of the writer and others;
- provide suggestions for further development of the work, etc.

We welcome contributions to defray room rental costs. Checks or money orders can be made payable to Other Countries and sent to:

Other Countries
345 West 145th Street, Suite 12B2
New York, NY 10031-5323

The Future, The Nation’s Latest Media Outlet
And Network For The Black SGL Community


Nathan Seven Scott, President

Cornelius Jones Jr., Vice-President
The Future

The Future Announces The Official Launch of the New Website – www.TheFutureForward.net

New York, NY — August 31, 2009 — The Future, the nation’s latest media outlet and network for the black LGBT community, today announced plans to officially launch their new website on Tuesday, September 1st .

The decision to make TheFutureForward.net available on the world wide web was made by The Future’s President, Nathan Seven Scott and Vice-President, Cornelius Jones Jr., after receiving numerous requests during the past few years of the lack of media communication and connection in the black LGBT community. “We wanted to create a space were people could express themselves while voicing their opinions. The Future’s team have done a lot of soul-searching to make sure this was the right decision,” says Nathan Seven Scott, President of The Future. “We recognize the risk we are taking with this leap but have faith that it is the best decision for us, as well as adding another voice for the community as a whole. Currently, there are not many network titles available on a national or international level and we believe strongly that The Future will be filling a much-needed niche.”

Originally established as an events company for nightlife party goers in New York City in March 2009, The Future expanded its position and created a network which included the social media networks they were already apart of to include all major global cities. “Word spread quickly about our network” says Cornelius Jones Jr., Vice President of The Future, “and we found ourselves growing at a very rapid pace to accommodate special events like; Why Am I Single to Greet the Press and filming The Future TV, We Are The Media. We started promoting our original context weekly like ; Dishin’ with Dwight, The MEGA World of Lil Mogul, Arts, Advocacy + Wellness with Cornelius Jones Jr. and Notes from Nathan with a successful following.”

In preparation for its national network launch, The Future have formed alliances with media partners from all around the global to give us a clear view of the world with a COLORFUL eye. Contributors by: Giovanni Centurione, Nathan James, Tweet This with Drama Dupree, Hayward Aaron, BoysandClothes.com, BlackGayGossip.com, International News from Karanja Gacuca & Antoine B. Craigwell of GBMNews.com, Made in Brazil and JC Report, Special Features by Lonnell Williams; In Our Ear with Doo Dirty Show, Better Days Radio and The Pride Cast ; destination finders VIPListers.com and ZenBiz Travel and special editorial photo journalist Dexstar G | The Peoples Photographer. “As individuals, we both have a lot of personal integrity and wanted to make our network’s national debut with real credibility,” says Jones. “Whatever our circulation and viewership are, we want our advertisers to know that we have been honest from the start.”

The Future will debut online, as well as begins the season of original programming scene on The Future TV. The Future will market itself and make several appearances at select PRIDE festivals and special events in 2010 to promote the network and build its viewership base throughout the world.

About The Future
Based in New York City, The Future is a new multi-media company targeting the Black LGBT consumer. The Future’s mission is to be leaders in the community by informing people around the world about whom we are and then empowering, entertaining, and engaging these people so that they may face the challenges of today’s society. We do this by reflecting a spotlight on stories about us that will encourage others to seek respect from a diverse and complex world. We are targeting the diverse interests within Black LGBT culture spanning entertainment, news, social networking, business, travel, fashion and sports.

Richard E. Pelzer II
President and Founder
MEGA Management Inc

Website: www.MEGAManagementInc.com
Blog: http://thefutureforward.blogspot.com/2009/08/every-tuesday-with-lil-mogul.html
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lilmogul

Social Site: www.myspace.com/Think_MEGA_Now | Face Book - Rick Pelzer
In partnership with MEGA Dream and Catch A Dream Entertainment Inc
MEGA Management Inc is proud to celebrate 15 Years in business in 2009