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Otta Benga, Formerly Enslaved<br>The Epitome of a Nubian Knight

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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

- Fred Wilson

"Most of my fortitude to continue doing the work comes from the moral outrage I feel about the injustices that Black people endure disproportionately daily."

- N. Abdul-Wakil

"In the end, what matters is not skin shade but pan-African consciousness. Loving your complexion, your nose, lips, hair length and texture, no matter what the politics or trends decide, and simply be. That's the problem with us (African folks). We're still learning how to love ourselves. So used to glorifying others and putting others first..."

- Dredlocks Tree

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)

The REEL Black Same Gender Loving Filmography Resource (A 24/7 ONLINE FILM DATABASE)
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LAST UPDATE: Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The 19th Annual

GMHC presents

The 19th Annual



239 WEST 52nd STREET









Like Ballroom, Las Vegas is a true original; there is nothing else like it in the world. Once you experience the thrill of SinCity, you want to come back again and again, sort of like winning your first trophy. This years Latex Ball categories are design around the activities, shows, and the people that make up Las Vegas. We intend that with the creativity that ballroom participants contain and the innovative categories of the night this year Latex Ball will go down as one of the most talked about balls in ballroom history. The House of Latex Project dedicates The Las Vegas Ball to the Iconic Legendary Octavia St. Laurent- we all will miss ballroom’s Heavenly Angel.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Talk Show Host Maurice Runea Harassed by NYPD

Maurice Runea's Spoken Testimony:

On Saturday June 27th, 2009 @ around 2pm, I entered BEST BUY on 23rd St and 6th Ave. to get my cell phone repaired and was in the process of speaking with the sales rep when this Afro -American older gentlemen approached me from behind and said put your hands behind your back, I not knowing who he was replied excuse me and he said in a threatening tone put your hands behind your back as he reached for my arm, I started to react but the clerk, who has assisted me many times before mouth to me "Don't fight, he's a cop", So I trusted her advice and he handcuffed me and NEVER NOT ONCE DID HE EVER IDENTIFY HIS SELF.

Now anyone who knows Best Buy on 23rd & 6th knows it is always a very busy store and to be handcuffed, humiliated, degraded and accused was down right wrong and humiliating.

The man preceded to walk me from the front of the store to the back in handcuffs as the customers all stopped and watched as he hauled me off from the front of BEST BUY to the back (and to add to the humiliation he walked me through the store, mind you he still didn't identify his self... I am saddened at how this unfolded, he could of approached me identified his self and asked to see my ID and that would of been fine, but he felt the need to try and humiliate me.

So we get in the back of the store and then he said he was Officer Robert's and pulled out this wanted poster and said you going to tell me this ain't you? I said you have got to be f%$king kidding me, that doesn't look like me the least bit, he took the cuff off and I'm fuming at this point... he asked for my ID, I handed it to him, he looked at it had too BEST BUY employees guard me while he stepped out and was gone for about roughly 4mins. He returned handed me my ID and said Miss. Harrison, here's your ID (Maurice Runea is my 1st and middle name, Harrison is my legal last name)... I took my ID and said this is just the beginning... He replied, what you going to sue? Go ahead the City got alot of money Miss. Harrison, I relied your going to stop calling me Miss and requested his full name, the precinct he works for and his badge# and I also got a copy of the wanted poster... Now this is the killer, when he found out that I am the host of a talk show, write for a magazine and extremely well known, he offered to give me two days of body guard service... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? He couldn't protect my rights or my dignity, I sure as hell don't trust him with my body!!!

To make matters worse, I'm am a frequent shopper at that BEST BUY, I work on the next block at The Gay Men's Health Crisis and I'm always in the neighborhood shopping, dining and just being a law bidding citizen... I am upset beyond belief with this whole unnecessary situation and the migraine I have proves it... Yeah I was cleared but my reputation is tarnished due to the fact that the customers who saw me being hauled off like a common criminal had long gone about there business by the time I was released and I'm humiliated. I have witnesses who witnessed the entire ordeal and thank God I was still thinking logically enough to get the the name and contact info .

To make matters worse I was scheduled to be at two functions, one a celerity mixer (which I was a 1 and a half late for due to my detainment and then I had to cover the red carpet for The 40th Anniversary commemorative concert and benefit @ the Nokia Theater... I did all this while trying to hold it together because work is work but to make matters worse I had on all white, so just imagine what my pants looked like. That night when I was trying to wind down I simply couldn't.. I would dose and jump up and the migraine got worse... Then Sunday I was scheduled to be at NYC Pride, which I attended still not feeling 100% but was even more uncomfortable seeing the police after my ordeal

I always thought the NYPD was suppose to Serve and Protect, but as of lately I'm feeling like they abuse there power and authority... They speak to you like you don't matter, they use excessive force and are just down right messy with there everyday antics and the city in my opinion the city allows this nonsense to take place on a daily basis. I'm also a little disturbed that this is the type of behavior allowed to take place in BEST BUY.

I am now in the process of handling this situation... I will keep you posted!

Contact the 75th Precinct and let them know we will not tolerate Officer Wilson Robert's handling of this situation:

75th Precinct

1000 Sutter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11208

(718) 827-3511

VERVE! Pride Slam 2009

Hey Y'all, I didn't do too much photography shooting, but I have a hand full of pics from VERVE! Pride Slam 2009. The event was really spectacular and held at it's regular and beautiful space called Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture located at 53 Prospect Park West in BK (Brooklyn)!! BK, y'all! U betta recognize! LOL! The VERVE! series (this was number 5!!) that started late last year, is an event series that is filling a niche that is missing within the Black same gender loving community; a sophisticated, almost cabaret style of musicianship created by us and for us!

Trust me, if you're tired of the same ol' club and bar scene and wanna head out for a night of entertainment by yourself, with a date or maybe a crew of friends with a powerful session of grassroot artists along with a pre and post-receptions (yeah, there's food, too! LOL!) with a social networkings and "man musings" (LOL!) component then VERVE! is da spot. It really is original and it's produced by The Well Entertainment Group which is spearheaded by Mr. Joseph Tolton and Germono Toussaint. A serious shout out to these two bruthaz and the rest of the staff for really putting on a spectacular show. Das wassup!

Here's the pics! Enjoy...

VERVE! Pride Slam Host Cornelius Jones, Jr. (FLAG BOY)

Brutha Ty, Resident Videographer

Brutha Man Always Has An Outfit For Us! LOL! :-)

Sean360x & Urban spiRitual

Eddie, A Qool Brutha

Music Artist Dy'Ari
Doin' His Thing and Promoting His New Album

And YES, Dy'Ari Signed My Copy of the Album!
Check Out Dy'Ari's Website

Dy'Ari is Definitely Sexy

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Jena 6 Are Free -- How We Made It Possible

Dear Rod,

Yesterday (Friday, June 26th, 2009), nearly two years after more than 320,000 of you stood up to protect them from Jim Crow justice, the Jena 6--Jesse Ray Beard, Carwin Jones, Robert Bailey, Theo Shaw, Bryant Purvis and Mychal Bell--are all now free to move ahead with their lives. We should all be proud.

The five remaining Jena 6 cases were brought to conclusion on Friday1 when Jesse Ray, Carwin, Robert, Theo, and Bryant pleaded "no contest" to misdemeanor simple battery charges.2 They will spend no time in jail, serve seven days of probation, and pay relatively minor fines and court fees.

It's an incredible outcome given that the young men were originally charged with attempted murder in small-town Louisiana and had neither the funds nor the connections to get high-quality representation or attention for their cases.

Luckily for the Jena 6, hundreds of thousands of you got involved, and the power of your participation changed the game. An amazing team of lawyers worked tirelessly to achieve Friday's outcome. Our staff helped recruit them, and your financial contributions--over $275,000--provided the bulk of the funds for their work. Jim Boren, the coordinating attorney, said this about ColorOfChange members' contribution: "None of this would have happened without you."

But it wasn't just lawyers and money. Over 300,000 of you wrote to Governor Blanco and District Attorney Reed Walters. On September 20th, 2007, more than 10,000 of you went to Jena. Members who couldn't make it to Jena held more than 150 rallies and vigils across the country, and made more than 6,000 phone calls to elected officials in Louisiana. And a few weeks later, ColorOfChange members sent almost 4,000 complaints demanding an inquiry into the DA's actions.

Your actions offline and online helped put Jena on the map and resulted in critical coverage in every mainstream news outlet. You started a movement that made it impossible for Louisiana officials to support the status quo.

Today we offer congratulations to these young men and their families, and we say thank you to the entire ColorOfChange.org community. We're also so thankful to the attorneys who took these cases but chose to stay out of the limelight. They and several others3 are the unsung heroes of this story.

As the young men of the Jena 6 close this chapter of their lives, we wanted to give you an opportunity to wish them well. Click the link below to leave a personal statement for the young men of the Jena 6, or to listen to the voicemail from Jim Boren thanking the ColorOfChange community for our work:


While this is a great moment, it's important to remember that if it were not for the extreme nature of this case, most of us wouldn't have known about it or gotten involved. The reality is that there are countless Jena 6's: young people--often Black and male--who are overcharged or unduly criminalized, and whose plight is unknown to most of the outside world.

It's the reason our work cannot just be about identifying and fighting for individuals railroaded by the system, but about creating systemic change in criminal justice in America. We are truly grateful to have the chance to do this work with you, and we're hoping for your continued engagement and support.

Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Gabriel, William, Dani and the rest of the ColorOfChange.org team
June 27, 2009

Help support our work. ColorOfChange.org is powered by YOU -- your energy and dollars. We take no money from lobbyists or large corporations that don't share our values, and our tiny staff ensures your contributions go a long way. You can contribute here:



1. "Plea Bargain Wraps Up 'Jena 6' Case," 9-26-09

2. The sixth teenager charged, Mychal Bell, pleaded guilty to battery in juvenile court on December 3rd, 2007.

3. Thanks are due to Alan Bean, Tory Pegram, and King Downing, who dedicated months to working with the families and getting the story out, and to our friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center who played a central role in putting together and supporting the legal teams. Without any one of them, our work would have been hampered, or in some cases not possible at all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network
TOPIC: Same-Sex Marriage & Pre- Marital Sex
Part II

Ooookaaaaay...! Where do I begin.. and end...!

This is an update and post-reflection to the original posting I made

First, let me say that I was really expecting to have large turnout with a
rational and conducive discussion around the planned "Same-Sex Marriage" topic at National Action Network (NAN). I mean, after all, this was a discussion primed around ourselves as a Black community which was the appealing point of interest for me; the larger Black community and the Black same gender loving community coming together under the same roof and exploring the complex dimensionalities of this topic; unlike the Proposition 8 firestorm in California which in my mind was a largely white gay agenda from the get-go. And further, this is Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network: House of Justice headquarters, and so I expected, as I alluded to before, a meaningful and conducive discussion among Black folks.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth because quite frankly, the discussion was (excuse my language) a FUCKING MESS to say the least. There was a TOTALLY UNBALANCED PANEL with 2 moderators (NAN Executive Director, Tamika Mallory along with the National Director of Membership, Dominique Sharpton,
who is Sharpton's daughter) and 4 religious zealot homophobes armed with their christianity and spewing hate far and wide but in a midleading sweet smelling and benevolent apple pie style). Psssf!! Trust me, they would have easily qualified and fit right in for a role in Bill Mahr's Religulous (2008) documentary film; how clergies of the church use religion to justify their ironclad hatemonger views. However, the laughable subtitle in this case would have been, "Religulous: How to Further Divide the Black Community With Out-dated & Non-sense Archaic Religious Views While Hating On Black Homosexuals While Drinking Your Juice In Da Hood"

Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing funny about the "soliloquy" (I'm quoting my friend and human rights activist, Joe Pressley) the panelists ran on about successively (one after the other) for at least 45 minute and more before audience members were able to say anything at all. The overall genesis of these monologues, because it wasn't a discussion, from the panelists were at best disgusting and at worst a homosexual bashing to the absolute max.

One knew something was wrong from the very beginning when the topic started one hour late!! Apparently Reverend Sharpton was making a press statement or some announcement about the passing of Michael Jackson at another location. Michael is my boy and I love his music, but delaying a topic that Reverned Sharpton wasn't even scheduled to participate in left some shaking their heads.

Second, the headquarters had 15 people in attendance which included the videographer recording the religious zealots monologues.

Third, after all four panelists introduced themselves (two of them were Reverends Keyshawn Whie and Darren Ferguson) the tone of the conversation was set when one of them mentioned marriage as a "holy matrimony". That set-up the male/female relationship dynamic as the default and ONLY
proper way of people living and conducting their lives... things went down hill from there.

Sister Tamika, put a disclaimer out to the audience and panelists that the topic came together literally two days ago! This tracks correctly because I got the email from NAN on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 and had to e-blast it out immediately because the event was happening, Thursday, June 25th! Ouch! A two day pre-notice is far from cute NAN people! And no doubt the reason there were only 15 people in the whole building for this meeting!!

The religious zealots went on with their "between a man & woman 'holy matrimony' " rhetoric and tieing in a reaching and dubious notion (in their minds) of homosexuality no longer being categorized as a mental illness; it was considered an illness until scientifically overturned as mental and emotional disorders by the American Psychiatric Association (ASA) in 1975. They think the ASA was wrong in that assessment, by the way. And they went on about the church being in danger and under attack with being forced into granting marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples because of legislation being put forth in the state of New York.

The panelists suggested a devious spiritual connection between depressed people, suicidal people, homosexuals as examples. The devious connection was if any of these people with these attributed "symptoms" are within proximity of others or touching others, then you'll miraculously become depressed, suicidal or homosexual, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. etc... yeaaaaaah, okay!!

When the floor was finally opened up to the audience and some rebuttals incurred due to note taking by Joe Pressley and his partner Steve Williams, the ol' Black person struggles vs. homosexual struggles came up and the notion of a Black person's plight and skin color cannot be compared to the "behavioral" (choice) of someone who is homosexual. Again, the ridiculous arguments of comparison and competition and who or what is more hierarchical than the other. Well... some of us are Black and homosexual and that is inseparable.

The panel and Sister Tamika got belligerent by cutting off Joe Pressley as he was constructing his thoughts into a very rationale conversation (being objective as I can here). Joe did not receive the same courtesy when he had the microphone to express his points. Though he got some of his points out it was met with constant rebuttal interruptions from the pastors.

However, we didn't back down and caught Sister Tamika contradicting herself and she was challenged. The contradiction was that she stated half-way into this quagmire that the discussion was put together 2 weeks ago. Then she stated that the topic was to ascertain the
panel's views on same-sex marriage. First, as I stated at the top of this blog entry, the email went out 2 days ago, and Sister Tamika stated at the top of her opening salutation that the topic was put together in a hurry 2 days or so ago. Clearly, with the piss-poor attendance it clear in my mind this was hastily thrown together. And when we called her out on the contradiction of the time-line she immediately got defensive and restated she meant to say "2 weeks ago". And yet still, the executive director of the NAN only got an e-blast out 2 days before the event??!!!

As far as the direction of the topic hinging on the panelists' views on same-sex marriage, that clearly was not articulated on the flyer and we lit her up for that. What could she say? Her answer was that she apologized for that not being indicated on the flyer properly. And when we called Sister Tamika out on the unbalanced nature of the panel, she stated that she called and asked some "LGBT" pastor representatives to come and that they either declined or no were available because of scheduling conflicts. Well, how could anyone commit to something when you ask them at the very last minute??? When Joe Pressley asked
"Who did you call?" , Sister Tamika rebutted with a flat "that's not important" answer. All this begs a critical thinking conclusion that this was NOT put together two weeks ago as stated.

Steve Williams got so disillusioned by the disrespect, irrational and non-listening stance of the panel that he abruptly got up and walked out while shaming the organizers for this very skewed and biased discussion. Shortly thereafter it was a very contentious dynamic in the room and Joe was leaving and I packed up my camera equipment to leave. I personally was way too through with the dynamics in the room, but I was hanging around so I could hear my friends' remarks and get some pics for this post entry. Steve and Joe's friend Julius, a same gender loving brutha who is studying to be a priest remained in order to hopefully get his point across in a rational and non-combative pro same-sex couple stance.

There's no doubt that this panel was challenged by their own oratory views, and I suspect they weren't used to be challenged (especially in their respective church congregations and people just go along to get along sometimes). As Joe and I walked out I was getting these stares from other people in the room and I suspect they didn't know what to make of me and probably the way the dialog went.

More to come... maybe.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

4th Annual ADODI Sea Tea Boat Ride
(Sunday, July 5th, 2009 @ 6PM)
Pier 40 in NYC

The ADODI New York Chapter


Sunday, July 5th, 2009
6:00PM to 10:00PM

Greetings Bruthaz,

Yo! We are back for a fourth-go-round with the 4th Annual ADODI "Sea Tea" Boat Ride: Ride the Rhythm of Freedom and the Waves on Sunday, July 5th, 2009 @ 6PM.

Last year was better than the first two years and we aim to be bigger this year again. Gotta keep it rollin!. Like last year, we'll have plenty of fun with a lot of bruthaz who you can meet and mingle with, some great live music with Cameron Da DJ along with a CA$H bar and a free buffet dinner.

Continuing like years past, the price remains at a low stimulus package friendly and unbeatable price of $20.00 per person!! Can't beat dat, yo!

We really look forward to seeing you on Sunday, July 5th, 2009.

Harambee (Let's all pull together)! Aché!
ADODI New York


We will set sail on The Queen of Hearts from Pier 40
which is 2 blocks south of
Christopher Street and West Side Highway.

Please be advised that there is no food or drink allowed on board,
and all carry-on bags are subject to search by the boat owners.
Boarding will begin promptly at 6PM.

Ticket Sales:
Call Eugene..... (914) 237-5262
E-mail ROD (aka "BIG ROD")..... BIG.ROD02[at]GMAIL.COM


Please call ADODI's general office phone number at
718-596-0342 at extension 15
or send an email to ADODINewYork[at]aol.com
and leave your contact info.
A representative from ADODI will return your call.

Take the #1 Train to Christopher Street.
Walk 5 blocks west to West Side Highway
(by the round water foundation landmark).
Then walk approximately 1 1/2 blocks south to Pier 40

NYC: Pride in the City (August 7th-9th, 2009)
A Public Service Announcement

For Immediate Release
June 24, 2009

Point of Contacts:

Borris Powell – [718] 399-2550
Craig Cobb – [917] 826-7246
Rudolph H. Carn – [917] 880-8528

(PSA) Public Service Announcement
Brooklyn, New York
Pride in The City

Brooklyn, New York; June 24, 2009 - “Pride in the City”, a celebration for the lives and culture of Black lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and game gender loving individuals, will occur August 7 – 9, 2009. After a series of meetings with community members and stakeholders, National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities (NAESM) is proud to announce that plans are underway for the iconic celebration attended by thousands from across the United States and abroad. NAESM has taken on the task of ensuring that Pride in the City occurs this year.

The mission of NAESM is to educate communities of color on the facts about HIV/AIDS [education/prevention] and to make healthcare and social services available to people of color with early or advanced stages of HIV/AIDS regardless of their sexual orientation. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, NAESM has provided HIV/AIDS services to black gay men for over nineteen years and continues to expand its services on a national scope.

The host hotel for Pride in the City is the Holiday Inn Express located at 279 Butler Street in (downtown) Brooklyn, NY (near the Atlantic Mall). Please call [718] 855-9600 and mention ""NAESM" for your special guest room rate of $139.00 per night.

Be on the lookout for more information later this week regarding partners, vending and sponsorship opportunities, and more information on the website, www.naesm.org. Additionally, we would like all community members to consider this as a formal invitation to get involved with Pride in the City!

As “Pride In The City” was cancelled in 2008, it was a loss for New Yorkers and Pride celebrants nationally. Although funding, which existed in past years, is no longer available, NAESM is committed to working with OUR community to create an enjoyable and memorable weekend. Come experience a refreshingly NEW and exciting Pride in the City celebration!

Please visit www.naesmonline.org/PrideInTheCity.html for more details.

Patrick L. Kelly
404 691-8880 ext 14

SAVE THE DATE: 2010 National African American MSM Leadership Conference on HIV/AIDS in Atlanta, GA January 21 - 24, 2010!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Other Countries: Black Gay Expression Monthly Writing Workshop

Other Countries: Black Gay Expression Monthly Writing Workshop

The second June 2009 Other Countries Monthly Writing Workshop will be:

Date & Time: Saturday, June 27th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Room 102
LGBT Community Services Center
208 West 13th Street (between 7th & 8th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011

If you plan to present work on June 27th:
  • please confirm with Kevin McGruder by Thursday, June 25th at kevmcgr[at]pipeline.com
  • bring 8-10 copies of your work for distribution

For those interested, we will go out to dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant.

Below are guidelines for the workshop.

Other Countries Writing Workshop Discussion/Critique Guidelines

The Other Countries Writing Workshop is a peer-facilitated workshop. In order to ensure a supportive atmosphere and to encourage constructive criticism of work please keep the following in mind:

  • Before reading their work, writers should introduce it by telling about the FAP (Focus, Audience, and Purpose) for the piece as well as its genre. They should think of specific questions they want answered by the workshop, e.g. “Is this ready for submission to literary journals?” “Does this first chapter pull you into my novel’s story?” “Does this character seem too cardboard or cliché?”
  • The moderator will facilitate the discussion/critique of the work
  • Participants should:
- avoid cross talk between other participants while a comment is being made
- address both positives and negatives in the work;
- avoid extraneous “amen-ing” (repeating the comments) of previous speakers;
- avoid personal commentary of the writer and others;
- provide suggestions for further development of the work, etc.

BKS 1 Radio's Special Guest: Cory Zooman Miller as Prez Barack Obama

I found another video on YouTube. This guy Cory is really, really, really FUNNY! He's off da freakin' chain! Fo' real! LOL! He's the first comic that I know of to impersonate Barack and if he plays his cards right could blow up more in the future (unless he's already blown up as I don't really follow comedians).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network
TOPIC: Same Sex Marriage & Pre- Marital Sex
Thursday, June 25th, 2009 @ 7:00PM (NYC)
Part I

National Action Network and Rev. Al Sharpton


“NAN Talk”

National Action Network’s new and exciting weekly forum, which engages the community in open dialogue about current events and issues affecting our everyday lives.

This week’s topic will focus on the
Same Sex Marriage & Pre- Marital Sex

Date: Thursday, June 25th, 2009
Beginning @ 7:00PM

Our Executive Director, Tamika Mallory, along with our National Director of Membership and first daughter, Dominique Sharpton, will lead this dynamic forum!

They will be joined by other honorable guests:

Rev. Keyshawn White- Pastor of Second Providence Baptist Church- Harlem, NY.

Rev. Darren Ferguson- Pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church-Far Rockaway

National Action Network
House of Justice Headquarters
106 West 145th Street
(@ the SW corner of Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Blvd.
Harlem, New York CIty, USA 10039

For more information please call: 877-626-4651

ROD' Comments: This is the perfect opportunity for Black same gender loving (SGL) people to show up and engage the larger Black community in a discussion about our human rights (violation) and also to show the full dimensionality of who we are as Black SGL folks who are "gatekeepers" within the African Diaspora.

Philadephia QFest
(Formerly Known as the Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival)
July 9th-20th, 2009

Hey Black Family,

I just received an email about the Philadelphia QFest 2009 (formerly known as the Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival), a 15th Annual event. July 9th - July 20th, 2009

The link below is a line-up specific to the African Diaspora:
Philadelphia QFest Black SGL Film Line-up

Barack Obama Impersonist! Yo! This Guy is FREAKIN' FUNNY, Man!!!!!

ey Y'all,

Yo, this impersonist (Cory "Zooman" Miller) is so freakin' funny! Truly! LOL!

Check it out: Barack Obama Impersonist!


BIG ROD's E-Move to Nubian Knight Network and Greet The Press with The Future: New Multi-media Company Targeting the Black SGL Consumer

Hey Black Family,
I'm going to be experimenting by moving (or e-moving) all the information I send out to my Nubian Knights Network: Writings on the Black Wall BLOG which has been largely inactive the past year.

The benefit of this change is having all the information I send out archived in one location and accessible by YOU, the Black family. I've been resisting the blog world because, quite frankly, everybody and their damn mother has one, and I really didn't want to add to it. But after serving as a panelist (thank you Cornelius, it was an honor) and also listening as a concerned Black same gender loving humanitarian activist/citizen at last night's (Monday, June 22nd, 2009) Greet The Press with The Future: New Multi-media Company Targeting the Black Same Gender Loving Consumer (at The Brecht Forum), it is imperative more than ever that we as Black same gender loving folks tell and document our stories. And I have to put out a special THANKS to Laurence Pinckney who has been a very good friend to me and constantly staying on my ass for years now about doing this information blog thing because he feels I have a valuable voice in the community.

So anyway, I'll try it and see how this goes. My e-blasts will continue to be routinely posted to my Nubian Knights YahooGroup and the other numerous YahooGroups I post to that a lot of you rely on. That hasn't changed.

Also, to be honest I really get burned out doing this information e-blasting work sometimes. At the same time, the "BIG ROD" persona has grown on-line over the years (beyond my control, too, LOL!) and yet, every so often there will be a different social function I'll attend or that occasional email I'll receive from some brutha or sistah I don't know out there who THANKS me for the information I put out there they otherwise would not have known about. I'm surprised and moved beyond belief by someone I meet in person who is smiling and glad to meet "BIG ROD" face to face and so happy they like my voice in the wilderness and the invaluable info they get from my postings. So because of those experiences and last nights Greet The Press event, I continue to press on (no pun intended) and take breaks whenever I need to revitalize myself.

Lastly, MAN(!), I'll tell you what, I was in awe last night with the heavy hitters we had on-hand at Greet The Press. Progressive folks like Toyce Francis, Mike Street, Dwight, Nathan Seven, Cornelius Jones, Jr., Ra-Fael Blanco, Kirk Shannon-Butts, Derrick Briggs and the list goes on was ultra-qool assness! LOL! Also, I was pleased to see Black (SGL) photographers and videographers doing interviews and whatnot. It was so surreal because I told one person the press is usual white... but not last night it wasn't. It was US! As a first time effort, the talent and people at th event last night was never less than fucking POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, let me not ramble on. A humbled thanks to Richard Pelzer, Dwight Allen O'Neal, Nathan Seven Scott, Cornelius Jones, Jr. and anyway else I've forgotten for making Greet The Press with The Future: New Multi-media Company Targeting the Black Sam Gender Loving Consumer happen.

To start off my blog again, I have two links for y'all to check out:

The 38th Annual International African Arts Festiva (Thursday, July 2nd thru Sunday, July 5th, 2009)

Employment Listings for YOU and Those YOU KNOW

Take care family and catch y'all on the rebound. Be qool!


ROD's Space: www.myspace.com/nubian_knights_network

BIG ROD's Photography: http://big-rod.jalbum.net (Turn Ya Speakers On 4 Some Bangin' Music While Ya Lookin')

Join ROD's Network: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nubian_knights_network/

Employment Listings for YOU and Those YOU KNOW

Hey Black Family,

A friend (thanks Stanford) sent the following job employment information to me and I'm just passing it along. Good luck in your job search.


BIG ROD's Photography:
http://big-rod.jalbum.net (Turn Ya Speakers On 4 Some Bangin' Music While Ya Lookin')

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Full time Program Manager and other positions
available at large, successful and growing workforce development operation in North Brooklyn. St Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corporation’s Workforce Development Division seeks the following staff:

Program Manager, Skills Training – Oversee all aspects of Environmental Remediation Technician or Commercial Truck Driver technical training program including developing training schedule, recruitment and enrollment, coordinating training with technical training vendors, supervise case management and job development staff, maintain and expand strong partnerships with employers, ensure job placement, reporting and funder liaison. Requirements: 3 years of program management experience; strong organizational skills; BA degree; strong written and oral communication skills.

Program Manager, Green Collar Jobs – Oversee all aspects of new Green Collar skills training program including starting up pilot PV Solar Panel Installation training and designing new training courses in renewable energy, building performance and other green fields. Research potential career tracks. Develop new relationships with employers, training vendors and partners. Assist in securing funding. Requirements: program management experience; interest and/or experience in environmental field; high energy level; BA degree; strong written and oral communication skills.

Program Manager, Dislocated Workers – Oversee all aspects of new placement and job training program for newly dislocated workers. Participate in start up activities, coordinating with other St. Nicks programs and CBOs; supervise staff of 6; development new employer relationships; coordinate reporting; and funder liaison. Requirements: 3 years of program management and supervisory experience; ability to manage diverse relationships; BA degree; strong organizational skills; attention to detail.

Program Manager, Adult Education – New position available overseeing all aspects of our growing employment-focused adult education division. Manage staff that includes DOE teachers. Reporting and funder liaison. Requirements: literacy and adult education technical expertise; knowledge of Adult Ed. funding sources; understanding of case management and/or employment services; BA degree; strong organizational skills; ability to work some evenings and Saturdays; bi-lingual a plus.

Data and Reporting Manager – Responsible for all elements of our internal and external reporting of program outcomes including managing a small staff; using internal reporting system and various government and funder-mandated systems; ensure quality and timeliness of data input and program reporting. Requirements: BA degree; experience with data reporting systems and basic software (Excel, Access); adept and interested in technology; ability to handle multiple projects independently; attention to detail.

Retention Coordinator – Responsible for all post-placement services to ensure job retention including maintaining regular contact with placed clients and their employers; tracking and reporting job retention; determining if customers requirement additional services and coordinating these services with staff and external organizations; and creating programming to help customers keep their jobs and to stay in contact with our organization. Requirements: strong organizational and interpersonal skills; ability to handle multiple projects; attention to detail; Associate degree. Ability to work some evenings and Saturdays; bi-lingual a plus.

Workplace Success Skills Trainer, Bi-lingual – Develop and lead 2-week workplace success skills/job readiness/life skills training cycles for dislocated workers population in English and/or in Spanish; adapt current curriculum to new population; coordinate internal and outside speakers; participate in assessment; case conferencing and job placement for trained customers; ensure participants have resume and other materials to begin job search after training; oversee participants’ structured job search; keep participants highly engaged and motivated. Requirements: experienced in teaching, presentations or training in employment or related field; highly motivated, professional and energetic; ability to train in English and Spanish; knowledge of the needs of dislocated and disadvantaged workers; BA or Associate degree. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Job Developer – two new positions available to provide job placement services to dislocated workers. Responsibilities include: develop employer relationships and placement opportunities; assist customers in job/career exploration; match participants to job openings, prepare them for interviews, coordinate interviews and follow up with employers; assist participants in their own structured job search. Requirements: 2 years of job development or related experience; able to motivate participants; high energy level; BA or Associate degree; strong presentation and interpersonal skills.

Case Manager/Career Advisor, Dislocated Workers – assess participants’ needs and assist them during employment program and during transition to employment. Responsibilities include: assess enrolled participants; develop Career Plan jointly with participants to identify career goals; identify and build on assets; minimize employment barriers; and coordinate services during participation, job search and post placement; maintain case notes and client file. Requirements include: 2 years experience in case management or vocational counseling; strong interpersonal skills; knowledge and experience with issues facing disadvantaged job seekers; highly organized; expertise in substance abuse, domestic violence, criminal justice system, homelessness, or other specialty a plus. BA or Associate degree. Bi-lingual a plus.

Program Coordinator – provide administrative and clerical support to new program staff of six people including scheduling; testing participants; creating computer and paper customer files. Responsibilities include: strong organization, administrative and clerical skills; strong typing skills; attention to detail; ability to interface with clients and employers; ability to handle multiple responsibilities/projects; strong written English skills; ability to speak Spanish a plus.

Data Clerk – support Data Reporting team including inputting customer information in various internal and government and funder databases ensuring timeliness and accuracy; oversee client paper files ensuring completeness and accuracy; review data discrepancies; follow up on missing client information; run regular internal and external reports. Requirements: knowledge of various reporting systems; attention to detail; accurate typing/data entry skills; Associates degree; strong organizational skills.

To apply, applicants should send a cover letter indicating position desired, resume, and salary history/requirement electronically to St. Nicks Human Resources at HR@stnicksnpc.com or via fax to 718.943.3085 or 718.486.5982. Visit www.stnicksnpc.org to learn more. We are EOE.

The 38th Annual International African Arts Festival : July 2nd - 5th, 2009 (Brooklyn, NYC)

International Afr
ican Arts Festival

Greetings, Working together to continue the legacy of the 38th Annual International African Arts Festival, the 38th Annual International African Arts Festival starts Thursday, July 2nd through Sunday, July 5th, from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm, at the spacious Commodore Barry Park at Park Avenue and Navy Street in downtown Brooklyn, NY 11205. GOOGLE MAP Festival goers will gather each day to enjoy live music, dance, spoken word performances, African marketplace, showcase performances, fashion, and hair shows. Children of all ages can enjoy an exciting children’s program featuring storytelling, clowns, and a youth talent search. This year’s theme is “Mashariki” which means The East in the language of Swahili. The 2009 Festival is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the founding of The East, the institution that gave birth to the African Street Festival, now known as IAAF. We also acknowledge everyone, who has helped over the past 38 years to build this institute of culture and commerce. Due to the challenging economic climate, the support of the community is needed to produce this year’s event. Please make a donation and tell a friend to make one too! The IAAF is a non-profit arts organization and all donations are tax deductible. Asante Sana ! “Thank you very much!”


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