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Friday, February 19, 2010


The Rag Tag DVD
Is Finally Available In The United States At

Hey Black Family,

I just received a letter (well, an email) today from Ms. Adaora Nwandu who is the writer & director of the Black British same gender loving (SGL) film Rag Tag which is arguably my #1 favorite film of all-time. Below is the letter re-posted in its entirety with my response to her afterward. Look no further than THIS CONVERSATION to know why I do what I do as gatekeeper for Nubian Knights Network...

Hello Rod

my humblest apologies for such a late response. I have been holding off with the hopes of being able to bring you some good news regarding my latest production. Unfortunately, the release of 'Say My Name' trilogy of short films about a pair of SGL black british men has been delayed due to a dispute with my main collaborator in the production. However, we hope that it will eventually be resolved so that you and others finally get a chance to see it. In the mean time, the first short film in the trilogy (and the lowest budget one) 'Say My Name' is featuring at OUTFEST's Fusion festival in LA in coming months.

But the main point of this email is just to thank you for all your support. There are often dark times in this filmmaking process, especially when one is committed to telling stories about SGL men, and as much as one's belief in the work keeps you going, it really helps to have people like you in our corner. You don't just enjoy the work, but actually make a real effort to spread the love and do tangible things to help us keep going. There was a spike in Rag Tag DVD sales at the end of last year and I am pretty sure your research and communications had something to do with it.

Thank you again, truly.

And I hope you and I can eventually meet when my new productions bring me to your town, or you to mine.

yours appreciatively,
Ms. Adaora


Hi Ms. Adaora,

WOW! THANK YOU sooooooo much for keeping me in the loop as to your upcoming productions. I'm really, really sorry to hear about the set back regarding the production of Say My Name. Nevertheless, I'm happy that you are sharing the information with me. I will patiently wait to see this new trilogy of short films and will disseminate the information to my network base when the time comes. Having Say My Name exhibition at OUTFest is excellent, excellent news! However, I live in New York City so it is my hope that can get the films into NewFest, the premiere LGBT film festival in New York City. The brotherhood and I will definitely be eager to see your film(s). And likewise, I definitely hope to meet you in person, too. And perhaps work together, too!!! I am a budding filmmaker myself so learning and experiencing the art of filmmaking would be so qool.

It is my absolute pleasure to support you and other filmmakers like Kirk Shannon-Butts (Blueprint [2007]). I'm glad I was able to use the Nubian Knights Network blog as a vehicle to create a spike in awareness and e-commerce sales for Rag Tag. The very reason why Nubian Knights Network exists is Ujima (oo-JEE-mah): Collective Work and Responsibility, the 3rd KWANZAA principle. And I also firmly believe in the 4th KWANZAA principle of Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah-AH): Cooperative Economics which is simply a pro-active measure of recycling our Black dollars back into our communities of the global African Diaspora.

My personal motivation behind the brilliant film Rag Tag, Blueprint and many select others is because the stories are being told about the Black same gender loving experience. There's nothing more culturally affirming for me than seeing positive same gender loving Black men on the screen that is a reflection of me and the brotherhood of the African Diaspora.

Take care Ms.
Adaora and much LOVE!


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  1. hey Rod Just wnated to say hi and well done for all your hard work I saw saw say my name recently thru my friend Rob Berkely @ the runnymede trust si I am glad its doing well I am looking forward to seeing you in Michigan @ the next Adodi Retreat

  2. Yeah, us Yanks over here are waiting for the trilogy.

    Yep! Looking forward to being at the ADODI retreat this summer.

    Thanks for writing and posting bro!

    Much LOVE