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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Harlem Pride (1st Annual) Pictures;
A Historic Moment In Time For The
Black Same Gender Loving Family And
The Larger African Diaspora

Harlem Pride's Official Website:

Harlem Pride was simply off da chain on Saturday, June 26th, 2010!!

I have been anticipating this event for a few weeks prior and I didn't quite know what the dynamics were going to be like between the Black same gender loving community coming together (for the first time to my knowledge) in a celebratory fashion right in the chocolate mecca of Harlem with the larger African Diaspora.

We, the Black SGL community, weren't gathering in the Village or in Chelsea, but at HOME in Harlem, and it's really been a long time coming, in my opinion.

Some folks felt when Black Pride NYC (some years ago) was moved from Fort Greene Park (that was drama and another story for another day), in a upwardly mobile neighborhood (on one side of the park at least) to Commodore Barry Park which was entrenched in da hood down by Navy Street north of downtown Brooklyn. I remember hearing Black SGL folks concerned about getting beat up after the sun went down because we were in the hood.

In my opinion I saw it was a blessing in disguise to be at Commodore Barry Park when that happened because for too long we've been INVISIBLE (my pet peeve with the SGL community) to the larger African Diaspora and frankly we need to "just be" and show up as we are so we can begin building community because Black SGL folks are mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, daughters, nephews, nieces, cousins, etc...


And it's time we begun showing all our sides... NOW...

I had so much FUN at the celebration. It was quite ground breaking to be at a block party in da hood, in Harlem, celebrating and affirming the Black same gender loving experience...

All Photography


Welcome To Harlem Pride, Baby!!!!

Black SGL Owned Billie's Black [Restaurant]
Vendor Tent On The Right

Casa Frela (Owned By Lawrence Rodriguez),
The Harlem Pride Headquarters
Right On 119th Street In Harlem

The Windows Of Casa Frela/Harlem Pride...

Harlem Pride Headquarters

Harlem Pride, Inc.'s President Carmen Neely

Harlem Pride Board Members
Carmen Neely And Michael Hodge

Harlem Pride Board Members
Michael Hodge (left) And John Reddick (right)
[John Runs Harlem One Stop]

My Friend Zanthony Posin' For The Camera

An SGL Sistah Rappin' And Throwin' Down...

A Good Mix Of The African Family...

"Brother John" Representing BMX-NY
(Black Men's Xchange-New York)


BMX-NY is built on a philosophy that embraces same gender loving experience as an intrinsic facet of everyday Black life. Integral to BMX’s approach is the understanding that, in order to decrease internal and external homo-reactionary thinking and demystify differences around diverse ways of living, loving and being, same gender loving, bisexual and transgendered Black people must engage in supportive dialogue with each other and the community.

My Friends Chad [left] (The Real Re-Edit Blog) and Mark [right]

Harlem Pride's First Ever Event Was Quite Crowded
With An Excellent Turnout

Brutha Luscious (left)

Two Young Bruthaz
(One Who Was Picture Shy And Buried Himself! It's All Good! LOL!)

The Official Harlem Pride Tent

My Friend Delmar (left) Engaged In Conversation

Some Young Bloods Chillin' At Harlem Pride

Edgar And His Works Of Art On T-Shirts.
His Works Were Also Paying Tribute To His Friends
Chris Canton And Rod Jones (Who Have Transitioned)

As A Celebration Of Their Memory Through Art

Inside Harlem Pride's Headquarters
And Part Of The Harlem Pride Celebration

Was A General Art And Homo-Erotic Art Gallery Presentation...

Artist Anthony Gonzalez

Artist Anthony R. Phillips

A Bill T. Jones (Dancer/Choreographer) Tribute Art Piece

Really Nice Erotic Art...

Very Sensual

Artists Anthony R. Phillips And Anthony Gonzalez
Posing For The Camera

The Legendary SGL Promoter James Saunders
With Comedienne Tammy Peay

Vendors And Their Works Of Art...

So Freakin' Qool! LOL!

Public Relations Guru Richard Pelzer
Working With The
Glo TV Network
(A New Black Same Gender Loving Cable TV Channel
For Us, By Us Launching This Fall 2010)

Historian And Author Donald Pebbles
Professing African And Cultural Affirmation

Artist Charlie Dominguez And His Artwork

An R&B Performer

Ok Y'alll... Work It On Out!

Ah, The Pretty Bubbles

The DJ And The Bubble Machine Workin' Overtime

She Was Dazzling...

And Worked Her Show Well

A Young Group Puttin' On A Performance

A Little' Freaky Freak! LOL!

Young Bloods Shakin' What They Got!!

Brutha Man Did a Little Ol' Skool Solo Break Dancing

Happy Spectators

Crowd Watching The Performances

I Love It!
Very 1970s Mavis Staples Or Something Thereabout

Same Gender Loving R&B Music Artist Dy'Ari Performing...

I'm Lovin' Those Boots! LOL!!

Sexy Dy'Ari
Official Website: mydyari.com


I Had To Photograph This Brutha'z Outfit :-)

Bryan (right) With His Cute Friend (left)

My Friends Jimbe (left) And Damon (right) Embrace

Jimbe (middle) And Damon (right)

My Friend Chad (From BMX-NY) Having a Convo

All Photography

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