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"Whenever I use BLACK it relates to some history of Africans in that particular place. It’s the idea of the color BLACK as a metaphor, or as a representation of African-Americans. It’s the notion of BLACK- BLACKNESS - and all its other meanings in relation to the history of race..."

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"Most of my fortitude to continue doing the work comes from the moral outrage I feel about the injustices that Black people endure disproportionately daily."

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"In the end, what matters is not skin shade but pan-African consciousness. Loving your complexion, your nose, lips, hair length and texture, no matter what the politics or trends decide, and simply be. That's the problem with us (African folks). We're still learning how to love ourselves. So used to glorifying others and putting others first..."

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Trayvon Martin
SUNRISE: 1995 To SUNSET: 2012

Trayvon Martin Rally @ Union Square (NYC)
Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

THE BACKSTORY: Trayvon Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012) was an African American teenager who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Martin, who was unarmed, had been walking to his father's girlfriend's house when Zimmerman, acting as an unaffiliated neighborhood watch member, followed him based on alleged suspicious activity. Soon after, he fatally shot Martin during an altercation between the two.

UPDATE (Wednesday, March 21st, 2012)

I was at the Trayvon Martin Rally at 14th Street/Union Square in New york City.

I felt compelled to show up because I am emotionally disturbed and PHUCKING ANGRY as white men (whether in police uniforms or NOT -- in this case) continue to shoot down and KILL Black boys and men -- people who LOOK LIKE ME with impunity and no JUSTICE BEING SERVED!!!

I wonder when we as African folks, the sleeping giant, will wake up and not take this shit anymore. I write this blog entry in anger -- and YES, how can I not be angry within these United States of AmeriKKKa when things like this keep happening over and over...???!!

After the initial coming together and rally at Union Square, we were very successful in taking to the streets and shutting down traffic and overwhelming the police for a while. I was very HAPPY about that because it wasn't going to be business as usual in NYC. Also, I was encouraged to see TONS of YOUNG FOLKS out there. The demographics were mixed across gender and race; there were also folks from pre-teens to folks in their sixties out there as well.

The following pictures are my documentation of the political rally. I choose to render the pictures in a RED split-tone color to represent Trayvon's BLOOD being spilled and well as the blood of all the lost African murdered during the middle passage...



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