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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ebony Soul 2013-2014 19-Month Wall Calendar;
Photographer Anthony Ragland PUSHES The Envelope, Yet Still Maintains A Sexy, Stylish and Succulent Multi-Hued Portrait of Black Men


Official Website: EbonySoul.net

FINALLY!!!! It's been a looooong minute since photographer Anthony Ragland has released a new calendar of sexy Black men. His last and previous calendar was the 2010-2011 edition!

Unlike most calendars, Anthony takes a different approach by creating calendars that typically overlap from one year and into the next - generally he creates TRUE 18th-month calendars. And by "TRUE" I mean you get to flip to a new model once a month for 18 months!! There's none of that bullshit where some calendars CHEAT by condensing the last 4 months of the current selling year onto 1 page and then turn around and call it a 16-month calendar when it is not, as an example.

I had met up with Anthony (for the first time) and we had lunch at Grand Central Station back in May 2012. He showed me the new calendar, and of course, it was off the chain!! And being a fan of Anthony's work you know I had him sign the cover to my copy of the calendar...

Now that we are in calendar season, and the NEW EbonySoul.net website is up and running, I wanted to do this blog entry on the calendar.

As usual, and as I have been saying for many, many years now, Ebony Soul is the PRE-EMINENT top of the line producer of Black male calendars. I like other calendars such as Spirit of Black Men (which is published by the Shades of Color company which, by the way, also produced the previously awesome and now defunct ONYX calendar), Black Men and City Gym Boys, but this time around he really pushed the envelope by having some of the models pose nude -- and no there's no private parts revealed -- yet Anthony's photography once again TASTEFULLY shows his VISION of Black men as sexy, stylish and very succulent! There are too many calendars out there that are really just boring and ordinary especially the nude ones -- NOT EBONY SOUL! Ebony Soul, in my mind,  continues to be the KING of Black male calendar for 10 YEARS NOW!

For the record, Anthony does not pay me to do this, nor do I endorse something that I don't like or not passionate about (especially to my Nubian Knights Network readers)... with that said, out of the 19 models this time around there are a few models with a photographic look by Anthony that exceptionally exude  sexy, stylish and succulence...

ROD's Top 7 Favorites Bruthaz Are: 

RONNIE (January 2013)
I Made This Image Garayscale (Black & White)
But It Is A Color Image In The Calendar

 ARTHUR (August 2013)
The Loose Belt, Shirt & Blue Sky
Really Make This Image Stand Out

 WALT (September 2013)
What Can I Say? - WALT Is Just Exuding Succulence...

 CROSS (October 2013) 
WOW! Can I Have a Pair Of Those Plum Colored Undies???

 WILSON (December 2013)
Wilson Is Tied With Dwight As My TOP, TOP Favorite.
AAAHHHHH!!! Book Reading...

 KENIKA (April 2014)
This Image Was More About The Photography For Me
Than The Model Because of The Sepia Tone Look
And The Water Streaming From The Showerhead
And The Streams & Beads Of Water On KENIKA's Body

DWIGHT (July 2014)
 IF I Had To Make A Hard Choice
DWIGHT Would Be The Top Winner Here

The Ebony Soul 2013-2014 19-Month Wall Calendar
is 12" x 12" in size and is available for $19.99 by clicking below at



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