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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nhojj Offers New "My Brother" Music Video
As A Gift of Gratitude

Official Website: Nhojj Café - nhojj.com

Nhojj Offers New "My Brother" Music Video as A Gift of Gratitude

With a little help from friends, Nhojj releases "My Brother" - a simple heart felt music video that reaches toward the joy of true friendship - offering thanks to those who helped shape and mold him.

In contrast to his controversial gay marriage "Amazing Grace" video, Nhojj turns his focus to the simple value of friendship with his collaborative "My Brother" released 8/12/12 on YouTube.  At the heart of both music videos lies the gift of affirmation and the celebration of love.

Taken from Nhojj's critically acclaimed 2008 "Soul Comfort" album, "My Brother" features a diverse array of male artists:  poets sean360x and Baron, his classical trained brother Sam Martinborough, Gospel vocals from ButtaFlySoul and Jesse O's R&B stylings.   "My Brother" was released as a single with 2 additional Soul House remixes in August 2011 and is now Nhojj's 3rd music video.

Nhojj writes in his liner notes, "With this song I strive to go beyond the contradictions and disappointments and reach for the good times, the fond memories, the moments of strength and courage. With this song I offer thanks to the fathers... friends... brothers... lovers... sons who helped me be the man I am today."  In this fast paced and highly competitive world where simple values are often ignored or forgotten, "My Brother" seeks to be a reminder of the meaning of brotherhood and friendship.  It shows 5 black males supporting and affirming one another, with special emphasis on the good times and happiness that can result from positive male relationships. 

"The goal of this music video is to show the possibilities that can exist in the realms of friendship between men, and to remind viewers to cherish these special moments.  I hope it provides a warm feeling and sends waves of love to the viewer because love is healing," Nhojj explains.

Performing in the "My Brother" video is writer, director and #1 Reverbnation artist sean360x.  Recipient of the Jacob A. Wieser Writing Award, his work has been featured in the International Fringe Festival - the largest multi-cultural arts festival in North America.  The Voice of Harlem (WHCR 90.3FM) says "His eccentric style, energetic live performances, and conceptual music dazzle critics and audiences alike." Nhojj says  "I'm always in awe of the energy and creative spirit of sean360x.  In the beginning, his company uni aum Entertainment really provided a home for me to grow and develop artistically.  I know I wouldn't be the artist I am without sean360x."

Another member of the "My Brother" ensemble is Def Jam Poet ButtaFlySoul.  "Before I started writing 'Soul Comfort' ButtaFlySoul sat me down and shared some wisdom - he spoke to my mission here on earth and challenged me to reach deeper into my Spirit.  I will never forget that night - he really awakened something special within me." ButtaFlySoul is a writer, director, actor, recording artist, emcee and activist.  He has opened for Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan, and Ledisi and toured with Grammy nominated poet Nikki Giovanni in the BET sponsored "Totally You Tour."

Baron is an OUTMusic Award winning electro/hip-hop recording artist and his music has been featured in films like "Finding Me" and "Blueprint."  He met Nhojj in 2003 during the live video taping of "An Intimate Evening with Nhojj," directed by Emmy nominated Bill Cote and they became quick friends. "Baron inspires me because he is always reaching higher, pushing further, and becoming more of who he is.  I've always admired artists who aren't afraid to explore the musical terrain and evolve - I love his new EP "RadioHeart" and I am indebted to him because he connected me with the music supervisor for "Blueprint" and suggested I submit "Love" to be included in the film's soundtrack and the rest, as they say, is history."  Nhojj's music video for the song "Love" climbed to #1 on MTV Music.

The final "My Brother" cast member is Nhojj's brother Sam Martinborough - founder of Mssng Lnks, a Boston based non-profit organization focused on helping aspiring teenage vocalists pursue their dreams, get into college and stay there.  Mssng Lnks provides the financial, logistical, emotional support they need as they pursue vocal or musical training.  "What can I say about my brother… he was the first family member I came out to and he has always been someone I could talk to and whose support I could depend on.  He personifies everything this song and music video means - he is the inspiration" Nhojj reveals.
"My Brother" was filmed at Studio 80 and JW Recording studios where Nhojj recorded most of the song's vocals.  Nhojj explains, "The recording booth in the music video is the actual booth where I recorded my vocals for "My Brother" so it was great to be able to capture this moment on film with all these men who I admire and love.  Even my co-producer Jon Evans was there behind the mixing board.  The only person that was missing was Jesse O, because of his hectic study schedule.  He wasn't available to film, but we had his support and love, and it is this same support and love we hope to pass along to everyone who watches "My Brother."